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    Talking Did a hero, villain or anything in between make you want to play the class you play?

    Did a hero, villain or anything in between make you want to play the class you play?

    For instance, if you were a Warlock, maybe Gul'dan or Wilfred Fizzlebang was a character you admire, or just thought was cool,
    and thus was like "I want to be a Warlock like that!"

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    I wish I could say there was one character that was like, "wow" that character is so cool, but for a Shadow Priest.. no! I can't think of any sad

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    I chose warlock because of a GBC game I played a lot as a kid called "Warlocked" and have never looked back. Chose alchemy because of FMA though
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    I originally wanted to play a hunter because of Giant green tarantula. I started a Night Elf Warrior but as soon as I saw that spider I was making a new hunter. Even gave him green hair to match but little did I know after taming it would shrink.

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    not really inspired from wow characters in specific, but i always quite liked playing the classes that seem inherently evil or atleast bordering on the limit to being evil. Same reason i choose to play a sith warrior in swtor, more fun to get the option kill on everything, as you are just EVIL. Not much fun playing a goodie two sho character. Sith could be due to sith's just being so much more impressive than jedi, that seem to me to be good guys for sure, nice people yea, but also extremely fragile or extremely frigid persons. Warlocks remind me of this, in the sense that they dabble with extremely dangerous magic, which may not blow up in your face, but it can certainly corrupt you, or the demons you summon (old school doomguard did so) can turn on you.

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    You could make a very real argument that Yu Yu Hakusho was one of the biggest reasons I've always loved unarmed combat.
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    Interesting question, but no. I've got all classes at 90 as soon as I level my rogue (which probably won't happen since I won't even give it Timeless gear) and I guess I leveled them all because I wanted 90s of every class. Why do I play mage? Because my raid team needed it, so I rerolled a mage because we already had 2 warlocks.

    Our tanks are getting kinda bored with all the vengeance nerfs and they'll probably lose interest of tanking come WoD with a possible vengeance removal. This means someone will have to reroll and I'm a likely candidate for that and I'll probably just FotM whatever class is the best and make sure I have every other tank class geared up in full normal gear + progressed on the legendary q chain so I can switch between patches if needed.
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    I started playing at the beginning of wrath and created my Shaman after the battle for Undercity questline. Thrall instantly become one of my favorite characters in the game. Keep in mind while I played the original warcraft way back when, I didn't play 3 and wow was my first exposure to all of its characters.
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    Thrall from warcraft 3 did it for me + a video with alpha footage of a shaman killing 2 centaurs being surrounded by totems in barrens made my choice even easier.

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    Yes, Rexxar did.

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    Assassins Creed 1, Prince of Persia, Thief and playing a Sniper in almost all FPS games.

    So my first character was a...........Rogue

    Go figure
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    Arthas, my main is a Death Knight.
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    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of skill, luck will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of luck, skill will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same luck and the exact same level of skill, the deck will decide the victor.

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    Not really, I chose warrior coz I like the idea of being a bad ass that smashes things with weapons purely based on martial ability, no magic or any of that stuff.
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    When I was about 4-5 years Old I was reading through an older cousins D&D Class book.

    I came across a picture of a Man Clad head to toe in bright White Armor with Glowing eyes and wielding a Massive weapon and shield.

    After getting my Cousin to explain what a Paladin was I then proceeded to fall in love with the Idea of the Class and if given the choice will always play a Paladin over any other class/vocation in any game with the choice.

    And in games which give you the choice to create your own class like Morrowind, I would always choose Heavy Armor/Sword and Shield/2H weapons/Restoration Magic and if the ability to learn Divine Offensive magic was there that aswell.

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    I chose a warlock back then because I LOVE saruman. and I thought a mage is too pure in magics and saruman is more of a dark wizard. thats why I played a lock,
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    Not really, I just like the idea of the classes I actively play. The shaman flavour is great, I love the benevolent communication with the elements theme. (One of the reasons I don't play warlock much is that it is the opposite. I love the idea of Druids and shaman, but I only have fun playing shaman)

    I always play warrior. Call it wish fulfilment given I am a skinny nerd, but smashing things and getting my aggression out is always appealing. The protector archetype is also appealing.

    So yeah, no individual characters, just the meaning of the class. Except warlocks. The green fire quest was the reason there.

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    The original "Hrugner" was "bucket head". I liked the idea of a little guy swinging a big weapon and using magic, paladin was as close as I could get since battle mages weren't a thing. If there were gnome paladins, I would have been one of those.

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    I made a Warrior purely so I could play Titans Grip in Wrath, then read up all about Warriors in lore and just... Well it clicked.

    Played a Hunter for awhile though, I just happen to be really good at it :/ and then Shaman because of beforehand plus my raid team needed a healer.

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    I can't think of a hero in particular but I've always admired medium armor and martial arts/asian culture so as soon as I knew WoW was getting a monk I knew it would be my main. Before that I played combat rogue which is in some ways similar. I suppose the pandaren monk in the MoP cinematic trailer had some influence on how much I like monk as well.

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    my first character was a warlock, created on vanilla launch day. I really had no clue what to play, but summoning demon minions, casting curses and shit sounded cool. i had no knowledge of the Warcraft lore at that point and had mostly played CS.. cant really gain inspiration in a game like WoW from that :P

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    Illidan's my favorite so Demon Hunter

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