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    Game with the WORST voice acting EVER

    Like ear bleedingly bad. List a video example if possible.
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    Chaos Wars on the DS

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    Entered thread to make sure Chaos Wars was mentioned, but man that Huniepop video is hilarious. Thank you, kind sir.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bulletproofboyscout View Post
    Chaos Wars on the DS

    "Just relax and let it go. I'll be done in a second". Oh wow.

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    some of the characters in elder scrolls online make me seriously want to kill myself. the actress just blankly reads the lines with no expression, no emotion, nothing. almost robotic.

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    Honestly, i'd have to say WoW.

    Particularly with regard to Female Orcs (*cough* Hagara *cough*)
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    Started at the intro but the entire list of cutscenes is cringeworthy despite being such an awesome game.

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    Typing of the dead.

    That game is so bad it probably falls under the category "so bad it's hilarious" though.
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    for a single character, the tutorial guy in Keepsake. the rest of the voice acting is good but this one character... well, take a listen...

    for a whole game though, easily Watchmaker. I can't find a video of the english version though, probably because nobody's willing to inflict that level of pain even on the internet
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteoria View Post
    That's the best voice acting. Ever.
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    Maybe not the worst ever, but the Witcher games have god awful voice acting. Some people swear it's some of the best and I really don't know what they are hearing.

    Great games, but the voice acting just ruins it for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteoria View Post
    No that's a good one.

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    Mortal Kombat 4

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    This makes me cry:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteoria View Post
    That is brilliant writing.

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    Not the worst voice acting in the world, considering it was one of the first games ever to have full voices...but Cedric was SOOOOOO awful...

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