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  • PvP is balanced.

    1 2.33%
  • PvP is harder than PvE.

    9 20.93%
  • I like to make people cry.

    3 6.98%
  • The competition.

    13 30.23%
  • I am bored.

    8 18.60%
  • Another reason.

    9 20.93%

Thread: Why do you PvP?

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    Question Why do you PvP?

    For what reasons might you still be into playing WoW PvP?

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    When I was looking at my account screen for the first time, it asked me to choose a PvE or PvP realm. I chose the PvP realm because I wanted to be able to fight someone occasionally in the world. Little did I know that World PvP is one of the things I enjoy the most about this game (Except you, Timeless Isle.). I played as a hardcore raider with little to do with PvE until I was top DPS in the core raiding group, and for 5 months straight I was screwed over by our GM because his alts needed gear, even though I had massive DKP. I turned to PvP. I <3 PvP. It's nice to actually use my brain for a video game.

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    Because it's a feature of WoW.

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    I PvP only when there is nice gear for transmog. And I hate every minute of it. Once I get my gears, I'm done. PvP in WoW has never been balanced, unlike so many other (good) PvP options out there.

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    90% because i enjoy murdering kids in a virtual world with my irl-mates.
    10% i still have hopes that it will one day be balanced (yeah.. im a lost cause i know)

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    I PvP because it is fun for me.

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    It's dynamic and I can do it without having to spend the obscene amount of time I did when I did hardcore PvE.
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    Constantly striving for new achievements(ratings) playing with new people and constantly improving has kept me to PvP since TBC.

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    Because I have fun, and can still play well when I'm so drunk I can't see straight. I only do it with groups of friends though.

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    Playing on a private server that only focuses on PvP as PvP is the only thing I enjoy about WoW, and I find it really not worth to pay a fee every month to play MoP as the PvP is garbage imo. Mainly playing WotLK, sometimes Cataclysm.

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    pvp because I don't enjoy killing scripted npcs that do the same stuff over and over :'D
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    While a style of play where a team sits back for 90 minutes and breaks away in 1v1 situations is respected."
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    I feel so proud for being only one clicking "PvP is balanced." - Gladiator DK tips and tricks - Make 250k in 6 days only PvP

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    Used to do it because it was was fun, MoP and to some extent Cata ruined that.

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    I like to run around and blow people up who are being jerks to lowbies. Usually when im bored and doing nothing else.

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    Competition and because when I started, it was what my friends done.
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    To ask why do we PvP is to ask why tears fall...

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    PvP because I enjoy playing with friends, but don't have the patience/time/effort for raiding. I also find PvP much more intense and competitive.

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    3v3 arenas is probably the most fun design for a pvp game/feature, and ofc the competition

    Playing on a private server that only focuses on PvP as PvP is the only thing I enjoy about WoW, and I find it really not worth to pay a fee every month to play MoP as the PvP is garbage imo. Mainly playing WotLK, sometimes Cataclysm.
    "Almost" same here
    PvE is a minigame // Rerolled from affly to spriest after 8 years, thx pandaland changes

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    I enjoy PvP because it is never the same. I found PvE incredibly boring. The NPC/Boss will do the exact same thing everytime.

    Some could argue that PvP is the same, Class X does Y move when Z happens, but in PvP you have to constantly react and think on your feet.

    I also get this rush afterwards that I FREAKING LOVE. Its exciting because depending on how well you play, you can determine the outcome.
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