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    Mass Spell Reflect able boss spells in Siege (also rate my warrior)

    Title says it all I have been trying to find a list of what others have found the Spell "Mass Spell Reflect" to work on in Siege of Orgrimmar. Any input would be awesome as I am about to take over off tanking for our raid. Also could use some pointers on my gemming/reforging/enchanting if someone had time for some constructive criticism i am all ears.

    I am pretty well versed in warrior I just haven't played him in raids for any of ToT progression and I am far from above asking other knowledgeable people for advice.


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    I use it for abilities such as the fire arrows, and some of the spells on shamans!

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    Your stam trinket is awful, other trinket is not much better. If you're going to upgrade anything start with your sword since it's about the only semi-worthwhile item you have worth upgrading if going into normals. If you have time work towards your legendary meta.

    Otherwise all tanks are viable, but warriors are currently solid DPS while pallies/BrM make better tanks. Though with the solid DPS that will mean if you're OT you should be able to contribute well to the DPS once you have the gear.

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    Oh, and go for Vigilance. Since 5.4. it´s such a good talent.
    Legendary Questline should be your next step. And start upgrading stuff, start with your sword. No faction to spend Points on in 5.4.
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    But I think it's a serious problem that a lot of people keep farming Mounts without any result for years. It could probably invoke some bad kind of anxiety and in some cases even depression, to be honest.
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    DK's and warrs are even on heals.

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    spell reflect the interuptible cast on the Norushen test add
    spell reflect the Frost storm bolt for dark shaman
    Those are the 2 big ones I can think of for spell reflecting so far.

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    what about on spoils. Im pretty sure theres some good places to use it there as well that seemed to be working well for me.
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    I'd take Mass spell reflect for the shadow bolt volley on 1 of the mogu room bosses for Spoils of Pandaria. Also you can take it for Norushen add to spell reflect all Hurl Corruption casts and kill the add faster (though vigiliance/safeguard are also viable options for helping the other tank).

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