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    Lightbulb [Mage] Ideas for the future (Abilities, glyphs, etc.)

    Instead of filling the WoD threads with spell ideas I thought it would be more appropriate to create a thread where everyone can post their ideas, be it abilities, glyphs, path of the titans, or whatever.
    Don't like the level 45 tier in the mage talent grid? Come up with replacements and post them here!
    Think you have good ideas for glyphs? Post them here!
    Be creative and write your ideas here (they can be crazy, but try to make them possible. Possible as in they could be implemented).

    All I ask of you is to be polite.

    Here are my ideas (only glyphs for now):

    Minor Glyphs

    Glyph of Dimensional Bending (Arcane): The missiles of your Arcane Missiles spell will appear out of portals around the target.
    Glyph of Bombardment(Arcane): The bolts of energy of your Arcane Barrage spell will strike the target from above, rather than from you.
    Glyph of Arcane Lightning (Arcane): While Arcane Power is active, your Arcane Blast spell will appear as lightning.
    Glyph of Fire Torrent (Fire): Your Fireball will look like a torrent of fire. (Similar to an artwork of Jaina Proudmoore using a fire spell.)
    Glyph of Unstable Blink: Whenever you Blink, energy will implode in the location you left and explode where you teleport to.
    Glyph of Icy Mist: Whenever you Blink, you leave a cloud of icy mist behind.
    Glyph of Blazing Blink: Whenever you Blink, you burn the ground around you.
    Glyph of Surge of Knowledge: Teaches you the ability Surge of Knowledge. You throw a large number of books in the direction you are facing.
    Glyph of Arcane Fissure (Arcane): When you cast Arcane Blast, the ground between you and your target will appear as damaged.
    Glyph of Rift: Whenever you Blink, you leave a a small rift behind you for a brief period of time.
    Glyph of the Apprentice: Summons an apprentice that follows you around and sometimes cast spells on nearby critters.
    Glyph of Arcane Vision: Allows you to see through walls. Lasts 10 min.
    Glyph of Burning Steps: You leave a trail of fire whenever you walk.
    Glyph of Icy Departure: Whenever you die, you become a statue of ice and crumble to the ground.
    Glyph of Arcane Discharge: Whenever you die, you release a shockwave and cause the ground around you to crack.
    Glyph of Arcane Blast (Arcane): Your Arcane Blast will appear as if it's distorting space around the target.
    Glyph of Ice Spikes: Your Cone of Cold ability causes spikes of ice to erupt from the ground.
    Glyph of Pyroclastic Flow (Fire): Your Pyroblast will be followed by a pyroclastic flow.
    Glyph of Frostbolt (Frost): Your Frostbolt now freezes the ground beneath its target.
    Glyph of the Pyromaniac (Fire): Whenever you cast a damaging spell, you set the area around you alight. This effect intensifies each time you cast and is doubled if you score a critical strike. (Doesn't deal damage. The visual might cause lag issues in a raid environment though.)
    Glyph of Icy Feet: Teaches you Icy Feet. While Icy Feet is active, you are able to walk across water.
    Glyph of Juggling Fireballs: Every now and then, while you are idle, your character will juggle with fireballs.
    Glyph of the Floating Tome: Every now and then, while you are idle, your character will summon a tome to read or one that will float around him.
    Glyph of Freezing Mist: Every now and then, while you are idle, freezing mist will swirl around your character, freezing any unfortunate critter nearby.
    Glyph of Ice Blade: Your Ice Lance will now strike the target with a blade rather than a lance.
    Glyph of Flame Wave: Teaches you the spell Flame Wave. A wave of fire will carry you across the landscape. The speed of this mount increases as you move, up to a speed of 100% and will reset if you stop moving.
    Glyph of Icy Tornado: Teaches you the spell Icy Tornado. An icy tornado will carry you across the landscape. The speed of this mount increases as you move, up to a speed of 100% and will reset if you stop moving.
    Glyph of Arcane Storm: Teaches you the spell Arcane Storm. An arcane storm will carry you across the landscape. The speed of this mount increases as you move, up to a speed of 100% and will reset if you stop moving.
    Glyph of the Librarian: Summons a tome from one of the many libraries scattered around the world. Might not always be the one you are looking for.
    Glyph of Deception: When you cast Blink, you leave a mirror image in your previous position that deals no damage and lasts for 8 seconds. Works only while in combat.
    Glyph of Brilliance Aura: Your Arcane Brilliance spell causes you to emanate an aura.
    Glyph of Magic Dust: Teaches you the ability Magic Dust. Your land mounts can now fly. Lasts 60 minutes.
    Glyph of Weapon Channeling: Your spells are now cast through your weapon.
    Glyph of Arcane Charges (Arcane): When you have an Arcane Charge, you generate random arcs of arcane energy. This effect intesifies as the number of Arcane Charges increases.
    Glyph of Arcane Power (Arcane): While Arcane Power is active, random debris will swirl around you and the ground close to you will appear as damaged.
    Glyph of Relentless Power (Arcane): While Arcane Power is active, your eyes will glow a bright blue and you will levitate.
    Glyph of Arcane Destruction: Killing an enemy with an Arcane spell will turn it into dust.
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    I love most of the ideas, great work! hoping to see more from everyone. Just make it believable instead of trolly

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    I love these and hope they use minor glyphs to continue to help make us feel more specialized and immersed in what it means to be a mage in WoW.

    I'd like to add some of my own ideas, however bad they may be:

    Glyph of the Snowdrift (Frost): For 45 sec after channeling Blizzard, the weather will turn to snow.
    Glyph of Illusionary Will: Inactive in combat. Gives Mirror Images the ability to dance, cook, and clean for their master. 5 minute cooldown.
    Glyph of Illusionary Salesman: Summons a Mirror Image with the ability to act as a vendor. Lasts 3 minutes. 30 minute cooldown.
    Glyph of Cooling Down (Frost): After casting a fire spell, your Water Elemental splashes you.
    Glyph of Black Holes: Killing Blows from the mage result in the corpse falling into a singularity. (corpse will look like shades' corpses on black puddles)
    Glyph of Absolute Zero (Frost): The air around you freezes, causing all living creatures in a 10 yard radius to periodically shiver.
    Glyph of Ashfall (Fire): Flamestrike now fills an area twice Flamestrike's radius with falling ash and its ground effect lasts the full duration of the damage over time component of the spell.
    Glyph of Conjured Knowledge: Summons a desk, pile of books, parchment, and quill - which your character uses until interrupted. 5 minute cooldown, cannot be used in combat.

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    Now I have to go fish up my standard responses to this topic, such as the identical one you made in this subforum five months ago, let me see...
    Unless otherwise specified these are all meant to be minor glyphs:

    Glyph of Arcane Focus: (Major, Arcane Only) Teaches you the spell Arcane Focus.
    Arcane Focus: Instant cast, No cooldown, 0% mana cost. Designates a friendly or enemy target as your Arcane Focus. While you have an Arcane Focus, each Arcane Explosion you cast will be centered around your Arcane Focus instead of yourself. Only one target may be designated your Arcane Focus at a time.

    Glyph of Water Mastery: Replaces your Water Elemental with three Minor Water Elementals, each of which deal 33% of the damage of a regular sized Water Elemental.
    Glyph of Sacred Pools: Immerseus water elemental. You know you want it.
    (Ok, Immerseus has no movement animations and would look ridiculous scaled down because he's about as wide as he is tall, but I can dream!)

    Glyph of Frozen Air: Casting Ice Block while falling causes you to hang motionless in the air.
    This restores the ability to play Mage Chicken that we had in TBC, jumping off the Scryer Rise and seeing who'd hit Ice Block last before they hit the ground and died.
    Glyph of Bubbles: Replaces your Ice Block with a large bubble, which falls through the air at a reduced speed.

    Glyph of the Elementalist: Your Fireball, Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Frostfire Bolt and Arcane Barrage spells randomly trade spell effect upon each cast. (But if playing as Frost, never to another spell which you would naturally cast).
    Glyph of the Elementalist's Familiars: Replaces each of your Mirror Images with a Water, Fire and Arcane elemental.
    Glyph of The Powerful Runes: Concentric rune circles expand from your feet, one for every stack of Arcane Charge you have.
    Glyph of the Nexus: Glowing runes assemble in the air around you, increasing in number for every stack of Arcane Charge you have.
    Glyph of Targeted Illusion: You steal the appearance of the target of your Polymorph spell, until the effect expires.

    Glyph of the Phoenix: A magnificent phoenix rises from your body whenever you activate Cauterise. (It doesn't do anything, it just looks pretty and makes people who actually want a phoenix spell sad).

    Glyph of Greatfather Winter: Replaces your Water Elemental with a Snowman, and your Icicles with snowballs.

    Glyph of Disintegration: Your Arcane Missiles spell now channels a single concentrated beam of power, ticking five times, rather than firing five waves of missiles.
    Glyph of Amplified Magic: While under the effects of Amplify Magic, the graphical effects of your single target spells appear 50% larger.

    Glyph of Failed Conjuration: Your Arcane Orb spell now resembled a magical table, such as the one summoned by Conjure Refreshment, surrounded by a whirlwind of unpleasant food.
    Glyph of Mastered Conjuration: (Major) If a player eats your conjured food for at least 10 seconds, they gain the buff "Spell Fed", granting them X in a useful stat for half an hour, and also giving them a pointy wizard hat.

    Glyph of Apprenticeship: Replaces your Mirror Images with Dalaran Apprentices, who alternately cast spells and hurl spellbooks at your current target.
    Glyph of the Dalaran Special: Grants you the ability "Dalaran Special".
    Dalaran Special: Instant cast, 30 minute cooldown, 0% mana cost. The next portal spell you cast will instead redirect the user to Dalaran Crater.

    Glyph of Frost Storm: Your Icicles now orbit in circles around you at high speeds, rather than hanging above your head.

    Glyph of Gravity Lapse: (Major) If you are outdoors and out of combat when you cast Slow Fall upon yourself, you instead cast Gravity Lapse, allowing you to float through the air at 160% speed. You can fish, craft and perform other activities while floating, but entering combat ends the effect.
    Glyph of Time Lapse: Whenever you Blink, a translucent Time Echo of your character is created at your start point and walks slowly towards your exit point, where it disappears.
    Glyph of Temporal Instability: (Major) If dispelled, your Alter Time ability instead immediately activates its effect.

    Glyph of Aftermath: Activates a special cosmetic effect upon death, dependent on your spec.
    Fire Mages explode, leaving a pile of ash, and a temporary smouldering effect on the ground.
    Frost Mages freeze into an upright, rigid, icy statue of their character model (we know they can do this now, given Kang's Bindstone!).
    Arcane Mages escape down into a tiny portal which remains at the site of their death until resurrection.

    Also I realised when looking up my past posts in your last topic like this that I suggested:
    I'd like an ability similar to Spell Volley [another spell I suggested] that makes Fire spells explode when they hit the target, dealing something like 80% damage to the main target and 20% to all nearby targets, or something along those lines. Fireball should be explosive! That would be much more interesting.
    Someone award me points for guessing a new talent B)

    I'm sure I'll think of more, I wanted a graphical effect for slow fall on allies for example but couldn't think of one, and alternate skins for our new talents, and something to do with Blood Elf enchanted brooms, but I can always post again if I come up with any extra ideas.

    And finally:
    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    Just make it believable instead of trolly
    Glyph of Rune Mastery: (Major) Rune of Power is automatically cast at your feet after each cast of Blink.
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    Glyph of Missile Barrage: Your Arcane Missile procs will now be displayed visually.

    Glyph of the Simple Jester (Frost): Your Mirror Image spell will summon Lesser Water Elementals instead of images.
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    Glyph of supreme power: after casting icy veins, arcane power or combustion take the form of a Mage of legend for 10 seconds

    Could include jaina for alli/ kaelthas for horde, medhiv, Antonidos

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    Spell Cosmetic Glyphs

    Glyph of Total Protonic Reversal (Arcane): The missiles of your Arcane Missiles are focused into a stream of positive Arcane energy that polarizes the negatively charged energy of the target, allowing it to be held in the stream (Just remember not to cross them)
    Glyph of Vaporization(Arcane): The Missiles of you Arcane Missles are focused into a disintegration laser. Non Elite enemies killed by the laser will leave a small pile of ash.
    Glyph of Power Overwhelming (Arcane): While Arcane Power is active, your appearance will be that of Primal Arcane Elemental.
    Glyph of Dragonfire (Fire): Your Dragon Fire spell will spout Firey Wings instead of a Dragon’s head upon casting.
    Glyph of the Flame Thrower (Fire): Your Dragon Fire spell will now appear as a large stream of fire that burns the ground.
    Glyph of Unstable Power (Arcane): Whenever Arcane Power as actives small rocks and critters are levitated within 10 yards of you.
    Glyph of Ice Storm (Frost): Whenever you cast Blizzard, you leave a patch of Ice Behind.
    Glyph of Scorched Earth (Fire): Whenever you Flamestrike you leave a blacked charred Patch (Cata Flamesstrike)..
    Glyph of Knowledge Overwhelming (Arcane): Evocation now appears as the Blue Dragonflights Floating Runes
    Glyph of Weapons of the Fallen Prince (Arcane): Whenever you cast Arcane Blast you have a chance to summon an Legendary Arcane sword/dagger/hammer to smite the enemy.

    Non-Combat Glyphs

    Glyph of Portal Roulette: (New Spell) Summon a Portal that has a chance to Teleport randomly into any of the previously learned Portal Locations.
    Glyph of the Titanic Teleportation: Teleportation casts will now resemble Lei Shens Teleportation.
    Glyph of Arcane Vision: Allows you to see through the eyes of a ArchMage. (All non-mage classes wear a pointy dunce cap) . Lasts 10 min
    Glyph of Arcane Vision(Serious version): Allows you to see through the truth behind reality. Blue Dragonflight Code can be seen around any target with mana. Lasts 10 min
    Glyph of Exploding Sheep: Clicking on a Critter more than 10 times will cause them to explode leaving a small patch of scorched earth..

    NPC Themed Glyphs

    Glyph of the Nexus Prince (Arcane Power): Whenever Arcane Power is active you leave a ghostly shadow trail similar to that of an Ethereal.
    Glyph of the Ashes of Glubtok: Whenever you die, you Explode into a pile of Ash.
    Glyph of the Calculator’s Revenge (Arcane): Whenever you die a Giant Red Crystal will fall on your location..
    Glyph of the Setback: Whenever you die, a phoenix will float down and lay a burning egg on your corpse. When you resurrect or release it will burst into flames.

    Glyphs of Mage Armor

    Glyph of the Everburning (Fire): While Idle for more that a minute with Molten Shield Active you will begin to smoke.
    Glyph of Urom (Frost): While Idle for more that a minute with Frost Armor Active you will leave a patch of Ice.
    Glyph of the Time Traveler (Arcane): While Idle for more that a minute with Mage Armor Active you will summon a version of yourself from the future that will tease you with spoilers from the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post
    Just make it believable instead of trolly
    Also adding to this. Please avoid commenting too long on any particular thing. Let this thread be the sort of "think tank" that lets ideas flow, you can take an idea further though. Just please don't go judging every single idea on every post, that will interupt the flow of this thread.

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    To be honest I was kind of worried that if someone didn't reply quoting some other people's ideas with something to say about them soon then that would be the end of the topic >_>
    I'm not sure we can maintain big list dumps of ideas for any particularly long length of time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    To be honest I was kind of worried that if someone didn't reply quoting some other people's ideas with something to say about them soon then that would be the end of the topic >_>
    I'm not sure we can maintain big list dumps of ideas for any particularly long length of time.
    I didn't mean to say no to quoting, just not to quoting every single spell. Just the ones that one thinks needs more conversation for whatever reason. And just saying something is bad or good is not a reason.

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    Glyph of Disintegration: Your Arcane Missiles spell now channels a single concentrated beam of power, ticking five times, rather than firing five waves of missiles.
    Yes please. Then I can play my Mage in WOW without having Diablo withdraws

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    Glyph of the Blue Sun-Makes all of your fire spells blue.
    Glyph of the Lich-Turns your water elemental into a skeletal whelp.

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    New talent to replace rune ( because come on everyone hates it)

    Summon Phoenix : Mage summons and mounts a Phoenix giving 10% spell power and an ability based on spec; cryptophoenix gives chance on Mage frost bolt to summon 2 icicles, flamesworn Phoenix gives chance on pyro to throw another pyro which adds to the ignite of Mage, arcanobound Phoenix gives chance on arcane missle to restore mages mana to full. If the Mage is killed while riding they will be restored to 50% health and the Phoenix will disappear. Lasts 15 seconds, 2 min cooldown.

    Mount is for cool effect, not actually mounted combat ( moving interrupts spellcast, can't kill Phoenix, etc).

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    Some really good ideas here, keep it up!

    @Imnick That thread was old so I thought it would be more appropriate to make a new one. Great ideas, by the way.

    More Minor Glyphs:

    Glyph of Crevices: Changes the animation of your Arcane Missiles spell. Multiple crevices will form in the ground which will quickly stretch out to your target
    Glyph of Rhonin's Death: Whenever you die, you will explode into a cloud of lavender ash.
    Glyph of Fiery Madness: Whenever you cast Fire spells, your character will randomly cackle like a maniac.

    Here are some Major Glyphs instead:

    Glyph of Arcane Endurance: Your Arcane Charges also reduce your damage taken by 3% per charge, up to a maximum of 12% (not too strong and not too weak)


    Glyph of Instability: Whenever an enemy attacks, they will be afflicted with Weakened Blows.


    Glyph of Arcane Shield: Your Arcane Charges also grant you a shield. Every time you generate an Arcane Chargé, the shield is refreshed and becomes stronger, stacks up to 4 times. If the shield is destroyed or dispelled, this effect will have a 8 second cooldown.

    Arcane Mages won't have Molten Armour or Frost Armour to protect them from melee, so... D:

    I might post a couple of ability ideas soon. I don't like Flameglow so I might come up with something that could replace it(not that it ever will, but just for fun). And if Blizzard ever implemented a "Path" system (like Path of the Titans, but not an exact copy) what kind of Paths would like to see for our class? (Arcane Assassin, Elementalist, Conjurer as someone suggested elsewhere, etc.)

    Keep posting ideas!

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    Sure I'll bite

    Arcane oriented glyphs

    Arcane Dispersion: Major Glyph: Your blink spell is now castable on enemy. Your glyph spell now blinks your target forward equal to the distance of blink. Blink no longer teleports the user forward.

    Arcane Stabilization: Major Glyph: Your arcane explosion when cast now last 3 seconds in the place originally casted. Only 2 Arcane explosions may stabilize at the same time.

    Glyph of quick invisibility: Major Glyph: Your cool down for Invisibility is reduced by 1 second every time you gain an arcane charge, icicle, etc

    Glyph Spellsteal Resilience: Major Glyph: Whenever you cast spellsteal with magic armor, the duration of harmful effects are reduced by 5% each time, stacks 3 times.

    Illusion Casting: Major Glyph: Teaches you the buff Illusion Casting. For the next 6 seconds, the base spells you cast from your school (i.e. Arcane Blast for arcane mages, Frostbolt for Frost and Fireball for Fire) appear as spells from another school. If counterspelled while Illusion Casting is active, the illusion tree you are casting from is locked out instead of your specialization school. 2 min CD

    Empowered Presence of Mind: Major Glyph: Presence of Mind os now castable on instant offensive spells. The instant spell becomes an AoE in a 6 yard radius of your target.

    Glyph of Deception: Major Glyph: When you cast blink, you will now leave behind an illusion of yourself that has 5% of your current hp. This Illusion will cast your baseline single target spell from your specialization (frostbolt, Fireball, etc). This spell does no damage and the illusion disappears after casting their spell once.

    edit: Bold names!

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    Glyph of Awesomeness: Summon the image of Berlinia to give you a pat and tell you how awesome you are
    Glyph of Past Glories: Summon an ethereal image of any boss the mage has previously killed.
    Glyph of Runic Empowerment: Your mana is at 0 during all times except when you stand on top of a Rune of Power. Then your mana is at 100%.
    Glyph of Magical Amplification: When you activate Amplify Magic you summon an ethereal image of yourself over all raid or party members

    I hope these ones are believeable like Shangalar mentioned
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    Glyph of Illusion (changed) - Teaches you the ability Illusion, which transforms the Mage to look like any humanoid* target for 30 min. No target = current random transform.

    *Scale down giant/large ones.

    Glyph of Waypoint - Teaches the ability Teleport: Waypoint and Set Waypoint. Set Waypoint - self-explanatory (non-instanced ground area only). Teleport: Waypoint - teleports the mage to your waypoint.

    Glyph of Improved Spellsteal - spellsteal changed to WC3 version. Spellsteal - Steals a positive buff from an enemy target and applies it to you, or takes a negative buff from a friendly target and applies it to a nearby enemy within 40 yd. Improved Spellsteal has a CD of x seconds (probably too strong for a glyph but CD could balance it).
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    Glyph of the Titanic Teleportation: Teleportation casts will now resemble Lei Shens Teleportation.
    Lol, Here I thought it would teleport you in the sea surround northrend :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fennixx View Post
    Glyph of Illusion (changed) - Teaches you the ability Illusion, which transforms the Mage to look like any humanoid* target for 30 min. No target = current random transform.

    Yes. I hate that the current Glyph of Illusion lasts 2 mins and sometimes doesn't even work.

    Anyway, I came up with my own version of Presence of Mind, for I truly dislike the WoD version of PoM (it just works with Arcane Blast, as far as we know. Seems like a waste to me).

    Presence of Mind:

    Instant. 1.5 min. cooldown. Empowers your next ability.

    - Arcane Blast: Your next 2 Arcane Blasts will be instant and cost no mana.
    - Arcane Barrage: Your next Arcane Barrage will cause you to launch a second, free Arcane Barrage that deals 50% of its normal damage.
    - Arcane Missiles: Your next Arcane Missiles spell will strike all targets in front of you within 12 yds of the main target.


    Presence of Mind:

    Instant. 45 sec. cooldown.

    For the next 5 seconds, your Arcane Barrage spell will have no cooldown and its range will be increased by 15 yards. (not sure about this one)


    More Major Glyph ideas:

    Glyph of Payback (Arcane): Whenever an enemy interrupts or silences you, you will strike them with an automatic, free, Arcane Barrage.
    Glyph of Annihilation (Arcane): Whenever you cast Arcane Barrage with 3 or more charges against an enemy afflicted by Slow, you will immobilise them for 3 seconds. Cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds.

    Minor Glyphs:

    Glyph of the Time Tracker: Summons an Hourglass that floats around you.
    Glyph of Floating Weapons: Summons a maximum of 6 random weapons from your backpack to hover around you.
    Glyph of the Language Master: You are now able to understand the languages of the opposite faction, most of the time.
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    glyph of glacial implosions: any target you kill with a shatter will explode into billions of pieces.

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