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    What could be causing mod:shift to not work in my macro?

    I'm using this macro

    /cast [@mouseover,nomod] Provoke
    /target [mod:shift] Black Ox Statue;
    /cast [mod:shift] Provoke
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Leer of the Ox
    And everything works on it EXCEPT the mod:shift part. I'm using a g600 mouse with the buttons set to the numpad on the switch on the bottom of the mouse and holding the third button on it acts as ctrl, so that part works, but when I try holding shift and the button on the mouse it doesn't go off. Anyone know what could be going on with it?

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    im pretty sure when you hit shift and then a numpad button is acts as another function, like as if numlock wasnt on

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    That looks awkward. Type what you want the macro to do in English and someone will try and code it into a macro.

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    It was shift doing another function. Shift+N6 on the mouse was acting as if the RIGHT arrow key was pressed. I just changed it to mod:ctrl to do the statue taunt as that's really all I needed out of it.

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