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    [Virtual ticket] Did it Lag?

    So as the title says (for the people who bought it ) Did it lag for you last "time"?

    This is the first time im going to buy it and i want to know if it usually laged and stuff for you guys.
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    Last year there wasn't a blizzcon though! :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Last year there wasn't a blizzcon though! :P
    Corrected Thanks

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    I watched the live stream and had no issues myself.

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    i dont remember any lag. blizzard usually has pretty high quality streams
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    I never remember any lag either, it all up to your internet connection. But from what I seen there was zero lag or down time. It was so smooth I felt like I was there.

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    I don't remember it lagging to be honest. That reminds me I need to get mine still lol

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    No lag at all on my end.

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    Thank you guys. Means im also getting mine

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    I had some minor lag, but it wasn't a big deal. I was more annoyed about the text being weird and lagging behind what was said.
    Not that I needed text, but can be a nice addition.

    Overall I was very satisfied though.

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