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    Disrupting Shout

    IMHO there is no viable alternative Tier 3 talent to DS in a Raid - Any thoughts on that? (Maybe on Imerseus Staggering Shout?)

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    I specced into that as soon as the new talents went live, haven't specced out of it or regretted it^^

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    Situational. Immerseus and Shamans staggering. On the others it´s either DS or irrelevant
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    I used piercing howl on turtles for tortos. Disrupting shout is op for garrosh p3.

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    Used Piercing Howl for progression Heroic Elegon adds and Tortos turtles but other then stat it has been Disrupting Shout 99% of the time. Staggering Shout seems pretty much useless in PvE due to short CC and someone will always "accidentally" hit the adds.

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