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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragore View Post
    Join the military, you need some structure. It's just a game.
    Yeah make a 8 year commitment that puts your life on the line to get out of playing a video game. Great advice bro.

    *~To change one's life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.~*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrops View Post
    WoW > Weed. Brain exercise beats brain damage.
    Yes. Go back to WoW. 5.4 is the best patch since 1.0.
    I'm almost certain both cause a form of temporary brain damage. I do know that video game addictions are triggered by the same part of your brain that is responsible for drug addictions.

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    This is your life, think for yourself.

    You have issues, I think you need to address them rather than playing a game.

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