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    How to see which players have X item/mount

    I know there's a way to see characters who have a particular item or mount.
    I'm looking to see who has Ashhide Mushan Beast as I have been farming my butt off for it and only have 200 coins.

    I'm either retarded or the armory filters are complicated ( I can't even find them )

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    That isn't something you can just search for a list of people for.

    You can see if an individual character has it though. There are at least 12k more characters with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    There are at least 12k more characters with it!
    how do you know?

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    The closest thing I know is this listing from guildox:

    According to it, 0.26% of the player base (US) have that mount.
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    how do you know?
    I have a list of them in our armory database.

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