Thread: Fury or Arms?

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    Fury or Arms?

    I've been TG Fury for the last few patches, but I recently received a large upgrade (548) and was wondering if it would be more beneficial to switch to Arms with that 2h, or stay TG Fury with a 510 offhand?

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    From what ive seen, if you're raiding SoO Arms seems to pull ahead of fury on most of the fights due to its incredible cleave (i.e. Sweeping strikes) i would recommend reforging and gemming for Arms MS and keeping fury for the few single target bosses.

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    If you dont PVP I would suggest getting both, Arms for heavy AOE fights and Fury for Single Target

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    The only issue with both is that I keep prot as an offspec so I'm not constantly having to set it up since I tank almost as often as I dps. I just wasn't sure how much the 510 would hold me back in terms of DPS as fury being that some abilities are based off of the offhand damage but not all. So fury would still pull ahead in terms of single target even with the 510 offhand?

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