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    When to break T15 4 pc?

    So I got the LFR Galakras helm(the one with Haste/Mastery), and the Flex Crit/Mastery gloves off Flex trash(Crit/Mastery). Would it be worth it to equip these two and break my 4pc? My T15 gloves and helm are ilvl 530 fully upgraded. I gain a ton of Crit and Mastery swapping, but I'm so used to 4 pc and the burst it gives now that I'm hesitant to break it.

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    break it only when you get 2 set, then ride with 2x 2 set, until you get 4 set
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damosapien View Post
    break it only when you get 2 set, then ride with 2x 2 set, until you get 4 set
    agree (10 chars)
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    \disagree. ToT 2 set was not good. Break 4 set when you get SoO 2 set. Break ToT 2 set when you get higher iLevel, better or equal optimized pieces.

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    Hopefully I can get gloves off Nazgrim tonight and helm off Thok when we kill him tonight or Sunday.

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