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    Simcraft is being all flippy-floppy

    Hey fellas!

    I've been using Simcraft for some time but have only now noticed that it changes stat weights around after you reforge/gem/enchant based on its previous results and it's sort of throwing me through a loop for Unholy DK in regards to Mastery and Haste.

    So far, I've run it three times after adhering to the stat weights it provided:

    Crit--Haste-Mastery (10k iterations)
    2.97-2.98---2.67 (first)
    3.30-2.66---2.77 (second)
    3.03-2.86---2.62 (third)

    Bear in mind, the 'simulated' difference between the above is ~3k dps and I do not have the T16 2pc yet.
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    This has nothing to do with SimulationCraft.

    Scale Factors or Stat Weights are only valid in a area around the gear you created them with, independent of the tool you use. If you change your gear, you need to recalculate stat weights. I can recommend reading about Linear approximation on Wikipedia to get a sense of what those scale factors you're using are.

    If you are at a point where scale factors for two stats are about equal, Reforge Plots are recommended to obtain more exact information where they exactly have equal marginal value.

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    Take a look at this link: http://www.destinysoftworks.com/2013...ity-in-54.html

    Mendenbarr spells it all out, but the TL : DR is Balance.

    Similar to how agility classes that use RoRo, you want to get all of your stats to as close to even as possible.
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