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    Best Place to grin Wrathion rep post 5.4

    Pretty much what the title says, I used to just grind it along with my dailies at the Golden Pagoda but now that they are gone iam wondering what other people do/did to get their rep with him up the fastest. Thanks!

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    I usually just prance around in the graveyard on isle of thunder, if anyone has a better place I'd love to hear about it because this rep grind is total ass.

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    I've still found the best place to be on the Isle of Thunder. Around the middle graveyard, like Lohe said. Go on OpenRaid and group up. I was able to go from Revered to Exalted in less than an hour. GL

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    AoE'ing the lizard (saurok?) thingies in IoT. Melee mobs so easy to round up.
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    On my healer i did it around the middle with the statues being reanimated - if you don't have high dps you can just tag mobs and the npcs take them down in a couple of shots

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    If you're on a high pop server you could chain pull the August celestials on the Timeless Isle for 550 Black Prince rep per kill.

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    My buddy and I were both barely into Revered and he got all his secrets. So he wanted to be Exalted asap. We went to the island and bounced between 2 spots that are pretty close. In the SE area with the lizard people go to the beach and kill everything near where you spawn the dinosaur up on the cliff. Once that's all dead, go north and circle the ooze pool killing all the lizards around it. Rinse. Repeat. Ret Paladin + Resto Druid was the group. Still took a bit, probably around an hour or so. But 21k rep in 1 hour isn't bad...

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    As a Prot Paladin I would go around Ighaluk Crag or whatever it's name is (with all the Saurok), pull almost all of them and then just AOE them to oblivion.
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