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    Next WoW Profession

    What will the next in-game profession be?

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    Trapping since we have Fishing.

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    I hope there are no more professions

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    I'm not sure, but I'm really interested to see what they come up with. Another leather-using profession would be cool, although I can't think of what it'd be.

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    A new profession... hmm no idea what it could be, I'd hope something WAY different from the things we have at the moment. That or don't make any new ones at all.

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    We may be more likely to see an overhaul of all proffessions rather than new ones IMO.

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    I think something that allows making of mog could be cool. Some BOP, some BoE, etc etc.. I mean there is a lot sets out there / different colour schemes of teir that have shown up and vanished / unused maybe they could make a powder to hide enchants / use older enchant effects. And for benefits of game play, idk maybe a select 3 items can be upgraded 3/3 instead of 2/2?

    Tbh though they have enough trouble with the ones we have now, Id prefer them to more love into our current ones, although they are doing solid job recently.

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    woodworking and forestry for making bows, spears, stocks, etc. etc.
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    I'm hoping they add fishing into the game.

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    Carpentry: Uses wood, cloth, and leather to craft houses and furniture for player housing.

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    There won't be any. Instead, you'll see professions get the same treatment everything else has, and 1-600 (or 700 for the next expansion) will become relatively effort-free.
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    I could've sworn we just had this thread. Anyways, I personally don't want any mor professions. If they have to add one, maybe something to do with transmog?

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    Would much rather see an Overhaul on the professions. They are boring, should be more interesting.

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    I would rather see them open up the ability to have a 3rd primary profession.
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    Really surprised there isn't anything with lumber and tree chopping. All the other warcraft games have it along with mining.

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    Personally I'd rather see them improve the professions we already have. They are rather boring, and could use an upgrade.

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    All gathering professions should be secondary for starters.

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    Wood working as a secondary.

    Make it go hand in hand with Player housing.

    Skill level determines size of house and different furniture you can make.

    Along with some bows, staves and crossbows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tripleh View Post
    Really surprised there isn't anything with lumber and tree chopping. All the other warcraft games have it along with mining.
    I don't think the Night Elves would approve of your idea.

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    Haha I like the idea of adding fishing.

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