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    What is the Int to Crit conversion ratio?

    Simple question as posted in the title, but I haven't found it anywhere, I have only found data up to Cata. For MoP, how much intellect converts to 1% critical chance?

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    2533.6636 INT is 1% crit.

    however, this does not include base int (so int without any gear on). in additions, warlocks have 1.7% base spell crit chance.

    I had to dive into the simcraft source code for this.

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    Great, thanks a lot .

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    That seems wrong to me, I'm coming up with 2019.5 int per 1% crit.
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    first off, it's slightly different from class to class, so if you use another class, it's different.

    secondly, you can't just divide your spell crit from int by the int. warlocks have 1.7% base crit chance which is included in the spell crit mentioned in the int tooltip (don't ask why...).

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