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    Would fps suit wow?

    What if next xpac blizzard added like an arena or bg where fights are done in first person similar to a shooter. Spells and melee attacks etc are manually aimed and casted.

    Could need a whole new engine or something not sure but just spit Balling here trying to pass time at work...
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    No. Maybe another game, but not WoW. It's against the very fundamentals of the combat system, and would not be part of the same game, really.

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    No thanks.

    Maybe as a mini-game within WoW. Like the Sniper quest you have in Jade Forest.
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    I hate FPS.

    If we got more than just the odd quest with that "style" I'd be gone.

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    screw that. I'm sick of fps and people humping them so hard. mmos are a unique style and I'm glad it play them.

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    No, oh God please no. I legitimately hate FPS games. I know there are a ton of players who love the genre, bu even so I don't think it has any place in WoW.

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    I always do WoW pvp in first person.

    I'm also awful at pvp, no connection.

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    It can be made to work (see: Darkfall), but I don't think it'd work out well in this particular game.
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    you would have to change a large portion of the game mechanics in order to support it (namely combat and stat mechanics such as targeting and +hit stats and so forth). Definitely not worth it for very little, if any, payoff. Perhaps for Blizzards next game.

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    Personally if I wanted to play WoW in fps, I was just play other games for that. Like Elder Scrolls or Firefall.

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    see for yourself, Zoom camera right in, and enjoy the horror that is WOW in FPS.

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