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    Quote Originally Posted by LurkerOnly View Post
    Okay then, the same game that some people are playing by different rules. Rules that let them, I don't know, try 3 times more often and get better gear.

    Let method do H garrosh 3 times this week and see how quick they get banned.

    Sorry, different race. Straight up.
    Running multiple alt raids to throw gear only at the mains is almost the same thing, and every top guild does it. It's why a normal garrosh kill took so damn long.

    Same boss, different ilevel, that is all I have to say for you, deal with it.

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    Different Lockouts means more attempts/faster gearing. Their pay model is based on time played, not time subscribed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebsmash View Post
    I've heard they get 2 raid lockouts, rather than just 1 like the rest of the world.
    I think they should get the same as the rest of the world,pisses me off when they get better stuff and deals than we do,i bet its just because blizz is scared of angering China and scared of an invasion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggie View Post
    Running multiple alt raids to throw gear only at the mains is almost the same thing, and every top guild does it. It's why a normal garrosh kill took so damn long.

    Same boss, different ilevel, that is all I have to say for you, deal with it.
    It's not the same thing, considering how 10 and 25m are seperate and the 25M gear comes with 2/4 levels upgraded already. How can people be so ignorant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iggie View Post
    The only difference was the ilevel. Only difference. Boss HP and damage was the same, just ilevel differences. If you think that makes it "a different game" I question your intelligence.
    "Only the ilvil" is an entirely different game. Item level is everything. If my guild was item level 630, we'd have heroic garrosh down.

    Each 13 item levels is like a 30% boost to survival, dps, healing. Even a couple percent is huge when playing at the top level.

    Entirely different game. 100%.

    As to the logic, I don't understand it.
    It's not very hard. The fact that they can run both 10s and 25s each week means that while all the normal-mode WoWers are stuck gearing exclusively from 10s or 25s, these guys can run both- and the 25 loot is a higher item level baseline. While the boss power matters in some heroics, they don't need to do that- they can get excellent upgrades untouchable outside of Asia by simply running a 25 normal and funneling items to their 10-group, which can then go and push Garrosh, in the same week.

    OH, OK. Is it illegal to do more than one attempt pr. week on a raid boss?
    He didn't say "Method tries HGAR25 three times". He said "do the boss thrice a week". He's referring to the lockouts in Asia giving the players way more gear, like some private server.

    The asian guilds just work harder than the others.
    No. The non-Asia guilds are working just as hard (if not harder). The difference is, the Asian guilds get to take a couple hours to wander through a parallel loot making instance and then make the rest of the game easier for them. The guild in question is raiding LESS than the top EU/US guilds, not more.

    And remember that that 25 gear is better too. You can upgrade your regular mode 25 gear, which STARTS at 561, to 569- higher than heroic begins anywhere else! If your guild can kill some of the easy heroics in 25 (all of whom are much much much easier than heroic garrosh), that loot is 574 to start with, and you can upgrade it to fantasyland 582, which the rest of the world won't match until the next expac.

    No compare. Different games.

    Because Wowprogress is biased and doesnt want to show asian guilds progress
    Because it's WOWprogress, not "what can you do with these special loot rules and ludicrous item levels".

    the Asian guild who killed Garrosh should be able to celebrate because they won a race
    Correct. It's not like what they did was easy or trivial or doesn't count. But it's just not at all what the EU/US guys are doing- they have the game set to a different mode.

    And I want to point this out, again:

    If the perception of the community becomes "the Asians did it first, they win", then you will simply see a bunch of top guilds reroll on Asian servers. If that happens, Blizzard will have to act. But right now it's not at all fair to the top guilds competing for world first heroic garrosh if folks assume he's already been killed because a double lockout region with free item levels got him down in 10.
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    Different rules, different ranking

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