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    Quote Originally Posted by summourn View Post
    Your wish is granted! <3

    Omg adorable hairstyle =)))
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    Quote Originally Posted by summourn View Post
    Your wish is granted! <3
    now see, i would love a hair style like this for human females. or at least a pony tail like this without the bangs. all my girls always have ponytails in every game i play v.v

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    The look of an educated Charr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zed zebes View Post
    The look of an educated Charr.
    For some reason, it brings to mind Flux Capacitors...

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    Not mine, but awesome

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    Ahahaah a fabolous Charr thats really funny.
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    Hmm, I still like my current hairstyle, still waiting on more social cloths to be added, townspeople have some gorgeous cloths.

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    I just want some more hair styles like twist and curls or hair braiding styles..Can anyone suggest me how to get them ??

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    Ragna Lothbrok hairstyle for Norn? Fuck yes

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