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    Murloc favorite?

    Seriously... You don't think that Blizzard, too much favorite murlocks?

    We got few mini pets in game with murlocks.

    Murky, Gurky, Lurky, Grunty, Deathy, Murkablo, Murkimus and now Murkalot...

    Seriously... What's wrong?!

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    It's just sort of their thing, it's almost like a staple of Blizzcon now.

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    Murlocs have just been around for awhile, and it's kinda like a symbol of something old school and funny. I think my fav was Grunty.
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    It's their Blizzcon tradition.
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    Blizzard effectively wants to have its cake and eat it too by pretending to have this groundbreaking war in a faction capital while at the same time being completely unwilling to portray logical consequences of such an event.

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    Murlocs are basically the mascot of Blizz now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Njorn View Post
    Murlocs are basically the mascot of Blizz now
    Haha wanted to post the same thing.

    Murloc's are Blizzard's general Mascotte.
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