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    Ascended Armor Preview (Datamined, Spoilers)

    We've got a preview! That means we may be getting these within a patch or two, maybe our first November patch?! So excited!

    What do you folks think? Some of the pieces are really nice, but a lot of folk seem to think these aren't nice enough models for ascended.

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    They're fugly and I probably won't bother with them since I'm done with FotM. I especially won't bother if it's the same crafted/rng bs that ascended weapons are.
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    Same as the weapons, I find the models underwhelming. Seems a bit sad to get an ascended item and transmute it, but oh well.

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    I like the winged helm for asura and a few other pieces of the medium set, especially the strappy armed chestpiece. I've already laid claim to those heavy boots for my norn guardian. The rest I can take or leave although I think the heavy looks good on the Charr. Won't be changing my light armor set on my ele though because she is perfect the way she is
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    pfft as if you care..
    fugly indeed

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    cloth set ugly again

    anet just doesn't care anymore

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    Good thing I'm saving my transmute stones.
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    Some of the armor just...doesn't look right. Certainly a couple of cool looking pieces, but overall nothing that sticks out too much.

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    I understand beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but those are just bad.

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    None of the sets look really good, especially the fat jester legs on cloth set are horrible. Hate the single shoulder on medium armor too.


    Did you notice that the female human character in the video preview was wearing Maddie's (one of the drinking opponents from Belcher Bluff game) haircut?! GIEF! Does it mean we get more haircuts, and where from? Gem shop or available for all players for free?

    New face presets would be amazing too!
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    I like the sash and the helm on medium armor, but the rest are as oogly as my feelings towards Ascended gear.

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    I kind of like the medium armor but really, I'm not a fan of any of them.

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    they look like crap, to be blunt.

    they don't have any strong theme to the aesthetic.

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    Ugh, they look sooo bad.
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    I think my biggest issue with these sets is it doesn't seem to match with other existing armor. Looking at the current backpiece from TA, at the ugly watchwork shoulders, and now the ascended weapons and armor.... I want the original art team back. This is not the same artist who made the armor for dungeons etc.
    The items themselves are meh. I'm disappointed but I understand the idea behind these pieces. If only it was in the same style, it could've been a success.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zito View Post
    cloth set ugly again

    anet just doesn't care anymore
    Did they ever? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Horymir View Post
    Did you notice that the female human character in the video preview was wearing Maddie's (one of the drinking opponents from Belcher Bluff game) haircut?! GIEF! Does it mean we get more haircuts, and where from? Gem shop or available for all players for free?
    They're currently available through makeover kits. Added in this last patch.

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    Yikes. Some of those are ugly as sin.

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    Jeez, ANet.

    I've always wondered why they seem to have some sort of aversion to just releasing simple-but-aesthetically-pleasing sets along with all the completely overboard, gawdy, crazy sets.

    I just got a couple random level 30 drops in FFXIV for my Paladin that I already like 10x better than anything I've ever seen in GW2. Mostly because it's a nice, simple, functional looking set of armor that also just happens to look pleasing to my eye. Seems like ANet's designers can't help but to "Throw ALL the Embellishments!" at every set or something.

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    For a game that is so centered @ role playing and lush, I can only say that after leveling 2 characters to 80's, very very few items look good on anything.
    Whoever came up with these item sets deserves to be fired a.s.a.p. I guess everyone is following the wow model now : create butt-ugly sets so people will buy better looking gear / transmutation crystals from the in-game shop.

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    I really do not think GW2 is centered on role playing to any greater or lesser degree than any MMO post 2nd era. Nor is it a reasonable to draw the conclusion developers create intentionally ugly armor to sell wardrobe baubles. As it is very likely that any given armor set, in part or whole, appeals to some one playing the game where other armors do not.

    Lastly. Jeez these are ugly armors. :[

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