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    With Flex now available, should Blizzard keep LFR in the next EXP?

    As the title states, should they keep LFR in the next expansion?

    Is there any reason to keep it around, especially if they create better tools to find pug groups for Flex mode???
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    No. We do not need 28 different raid modes.

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    Flex mode isn't a replacement for LFR.

    So no need to remove LFR any more than you'd want your 5th bag slot to be removed because bags get bigger every expansion.

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    Until you can queue for flex, LFR should stay.
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    I'd say yes because bad players will always be bad players and they need their carebear mode to get gear see content.
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    Totally not biased poll options right there.

    And yes, they should keep it. If anything, they could add the flex feature to Normal.
    Until you can queue for flex, LFR should stay.

    Edit: Just saw that it's a Jaylock thread. Explains it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyman64 View Post
    Until you can queue for flex, LFR should stay.
    If you could queue for flex, it would be LFR.

    And yes they should keep LFR. I personally know many people who still enjoy it, and it is still useful for getting tier pieces for regular raiders (Thanks for your gloves LFR Nazgrim!)

    Although I am very rarely doing it anymore because of Flex.
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    NO. I dont need 4 modes of raiding. How about you just be a person and ask to play in a social game. MMO. Learn to be good and work with people. Use ventrilo/ mumble to build friendships with people. Build a server reputation for yourself. I like the idea of flex. Now just scratch lfr from the game please!

    LFR waters down and diminished the quality of raiding.

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    Flex isn't a replacement. Flex helps get people who want to PuG raids back into it. LFR is useful and still provides people who can't commit to a PuG or a scheduled raid team a raiding experience.

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    biased poll choices in an obvious LFR bashing thread. ill leave my vote here so its not confused. Yes, we should keep LFR that is not and was never meant to be replaced with Flex. flex is only a difficulty added for a difference audience.
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    If you could queue into Flex, then I would agree. LFR can go. Until that day, LFR still has a decent home in the game.

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    I see LFR as a ray of hope for all those who can't/don't want to raid yet they want to experience the content and get gear. Thats said I barely go to LFR myself as after raiding heroic going back there makes my brain explode: the quality of players there is just horrendious, and I am sorry to say, but it is a simple zergfest without any shape or form of tactic.
    But still is a good chance to earn loot.

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    As blizzard have been saying for this entire expansion, the community is expanding in options and they have compensated for it since god...karazhan? Believe it or not there were guilds that only raided kara then ZA. That was it. Some guilds just did not do the 25 man raids, then they gave the option to do 10 man raids in all the raids come wrath at the cost of 'worse' gear. Then cataclysm they evened out the bar as far as gear goes and added LFR in 4.3 which gave another option to more casual players (casual does not mean bad. Casual means they play at their own pace. Do not mistake this.). In MoP they've had LFR for every raid and in 5.4 we have flex now.

    All these options does not mean any of them should be removed, each has its place, and those places are being served. Is the raiding community becoming even more divided? Yes, is wow dying though? Yes, so what difference does it make. Not to get completely off-topic, but wow is dying and will grow into a small community like many other mmo's, it is only a matter of time. This gives the available options to every kind of raider and to be honest I wouldn't be surprised if we saw another raiding option or 2 in the future.

    Blizzard is a business, they need to make money in order to survive and we all know WoW brings in the big $$$. Whatever keeps the most subs in WoW for the longest time they will do so. And this just happens to give more options. If you feel required to raid it in any way shape or form then thats fine, but that wasn't the intention of flex or LFR being added, even heroic mode. They are all there as options to suit your difficulty, your time of play, and you're playstyle.

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    Blizzard should keep LFR so everyone can try raiding at some level, although LFR is a very low level. As it is now for example, most flex groups require somewhere around 525+ ilvl, and that keeps a large amount of players out of flex.
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    What makes Flex differ from LFR, is that it requires more communication and cooperation between people and the amount of weight people have to pull. In LFR you can neglect most forms of communcation prior to and during a boss fight (excluding all the "Bad healer, kick it! Bad tank, kick it! Low deeps, kick it!") and make a couple of more mistakes without causing a wipe.

    If you'd force everyone to do Flex in order to raid, it will only cause more Pugs falling apart because he/she fails, the tank is bad etc etc. while the higher geared and more skilled players increase the requirements to filter out every way for worse people to join, leaving the people with moderate skill/gear in the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyshnikies View Post

    LFR waters down and diminished the quality of raiding.
    Then tell me how LFR negatively affects your raiding experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinndra View Post
    biased poll choices in an obvious LFR bashing thread.
    Maybe the poll choices were changed by the time I got here but what part is bias?

    OT: LFR serves a different purpose than Flex. As we've learned from expansions past, players do not like when you take options away from them.

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    I still don't understand why people are so against LFR - if you don't enjoy it then don't use it? I also never understood why people cared that LFR dropped epic loot even though it was inferior to normal and heroic. Definitely keep LFR, because there will be people who only have this as their avenue to gain gear and see content, plus it makes a great catch up mechanism for people looking to get back into raiding normal/heroic asap.

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    Flex is absolutely not meant to replace LFR so I see zero reasonable reason to remove LFR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pejo View Post
    Maybe the poll choices were changed by the time I got here but what part is bias?

    OT: LFR serves a different purpose than Flex. As we've learned from expansions past, players do not like when you take options away from them.
    yah they were changed to make us look bad. but im sure somebody knows better.
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