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    10 for both. Shamans should be priority over any other type of add. The wave after the first 2x Drake wave will have a miniboss and a shaman in it, don't even think about touching the miniboss until the shaman is dead. Have your DPS make target macros for the totems, they have 50k HP and should die before a tick goes off. They can be a little difficult to see when everything is clumped up so have everyone yell out in vent/mumble when they see one drop. As far as interrupting the chain heal, have the ground tank save his interrupt for it, while others can worry about interrupting the tidal wave. Letting heals go off is the fastest way to ensure you'll get over run.

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    @ Kreeshak:

    I strongly recommend you 2 heal it if you can, its the easiest way to meet the dps check of not getting overrun. The tower versus ground team is the balance you need to strike. Basically each time the drake hits you its damage increases by 10%. If you don't clear the tower quickly enough you will end up in one shot territory from the drakes. I'd prio the tower before the ground adds.

    We send 1 tank 1 healer and 4 dps up. The tank / healer and 2 dps that remain have good personal CD's / offheals and save them for when it gets hairy on the ground (it will)

    As to the 1-10 question. Both are really important. Stop the heals and kill them. If a tidal wave gets empowered by a banner it can kill someone who is not topped off.

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    Agree with pretty much every comment Deja made there. We only run 1 tank 3 dps 1 heal up the towers - we still got back dwn this week before Thranok died, but during progression we ended up blowing through a load of raid cooldowns until the drakes got shot down as they won't be needed for the final burn anyway.

    3 healing the encounter just makes it way harder to stay on top of the adds and the final DPS check will be challenging unless you have mental raid cooldowns because the stacks will get so high.

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    Is there any way to definitively influence whether or not the friendly NPCs engage Galakras?

    We have tried tanking him as close as we can to the dock (most of the time literally on top of the foot soldiers) with the raid stacked behind in two groups and still they only help on rare occasions. We've still managed to kill the boss the past few weeks but by very small margins and I feel like getting the aid of the NPCs in the last phase will reduce the DPS check drastically.

    Logs from last night: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/bi63f...a1v/dashboard/ (we had some shooting issues on the kill attempt )
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    As far as i'm aware the NPC's do basically 0 dps, Jaina might cast a fancy blizzard but it's more like a light snow flurry for all the good it does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winkle View Post
    As far as i'm aware the NPC's do basically 0 dps, Jaina might cast a fancy blizzard but it's more like a light snow flurry for all the good it does.
    The blizzard/flamestrike actually does about 200k dps to all enemies inside it. Definitely a good thing if you can have all your DPS hit the adds while taking care of the grunts attacking the demo crew, but that's harder than it sounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winkle View Post
    As far as i'm aware the NPC's do basically 0 dps, Jaina might cast a fancy blizzard but it's more like a light snow flurry for all the good it does.

    Lady Jaina Proudmoore 8 296 500
    King Varian Wrynn 7 018 910
    Vereesa Windrunner 5 266 257

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    King Varian Wrynn 59 971 866 3.84%
    87935.4 - 0.0 0.0%
    Lady Jaina Proudmoore 48 247 843 3.09%
    70744.7 - 0.0 0.0%
    Vereesa Windrunner 45 268 322 2.90%
    66375.9 - 0.0 0.0%

    For entire fight, too. So yeah, maximise the NPC's.

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    The soldiers don't, and aren't supposed to help in the fight. The NPC damage comes strictly from the 3 that have been mentioned above. As long as you're tanking the mobs in the blizzard, all of them should be able to help out. The first two weeks that we've killed him, we had the raid die at 10% and our tanks + NPCs finish him off. It is definitely a substantial chunk of damage and worth utilizing.

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    Just checking on gala HC.

    If you keep the tower NPC's alive should the timing all be the same as normal. So the tower opens up at the same time / demo comes down at the same time and you end up roughly killing the 2nd tower boss with the 2 drakes below and getting gala down.

    I'm sure (we havent killed it yet) that it seemed like the 2 drakes we normally get on the 2nd tower are coming and we are only just starting going up the 2nd tower. After that as we struggle anyway 2 shamans come in the next wave and we cannot catch up.

    What if anything slows the fight down / slow the opening of the towers? (bar NPC actually dying)

    Just say you let the npc die twice - will the demo still come / spawn at the same time as on normal - or is there some trigger for the demo as well?

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    A demolisher only arrives once a tower been opened by the NPC team, so if the NPC team dies, the time the demo spawns will be pushed back to a perfect run on it where no NPC teams die.

    If you are only just going up the 2nd tower when the 2 drake wave comes in, that means you are going pretty slowly. The most likely explanation, is that when you are up in the first tower, no one on the ground is protecting the first NPC that heads to the 2nd tower -if you are only starting to protect the NPCs again after finishing the first tower, then you've likely let a set be killed already!

    We usually pull Galakras down just after the 2 Drake wave.

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    We killed him for the first time this week. Took us 12 attempts in total, 8 last week and 4 this week. Which is really good going for us. We got lucky tbh, as we all died bar our DK tank who was just able to finish him off

    Anyway, what we did was wait for the 2 shaman wave to come in and nuke down 1 shaman, the demo was coming in just after this wave, so once that shaman was down we'd nuke the demo down and then go up the tower. Yes, we left the 1st npc team die while up the 1st tower, which meant having to contend with more waves, but as long as you keep on top of them wasn't a real big issue.

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    We got it last week as well, surprisingly in 4 attempts. We left the tank, 2 healers and 1 dps at bottom. 5 DPS and a tank hit tower 1 and the tank used personal cooldowns to survive. One of the healers sits at the bottom of the tower where they can heal the tank and smart heals hit the tower group.

    1 DPS stayed strictly on waves and covered tower two. When group 1 comes down have any DPS that can heal toss some hots or quick heals on the demolition NPCS to keep them alive if healers haven't topped them off.

    Timing on waves seemed nearly identical to normal mode.

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