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    Paragons of the Klaxxi

    So we will be doing this boss on normal for the first time Monday any tips on how to take it down? Also what would be the best kill priority I mean I have an idea of the priority but would be the best for this week?

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    The order doesn't change on normal or heroic ever.

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    10 or 25?

    in 25m our only problems with this boss was to learn "Aim" and ppl needed to make a macro saying /tar amber to get it down quickly enough.

    way we dealt with aim was that everyone that can soak it alone (no immunities they dont work) use 90% reduced like improved invis or dispersion spread out and the rest stack in a line so they're ready for aim.

    and with our dps we use hero when the first boss is at 30-40% so we can ignore the blobs

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    Paragons are as easy or even easier than Immersus

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    Just be ready to deal with the mechanics; spread but fill in the line (aim? I think), kill adds, break the amber and kunchongs right away, dodge all the crap thrown at you. The only tip that comes to mind is don't stand in the center if you aren't a tank, the newly activated boss likes to demolish the nearest person. Kind of overlooked from some kills I've seen, but grab the clickable objects to help you beat the fight.
    Stay salty my friends.

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    SO in 10 man what would be the best and easier kill-order?
    We are said that Rik'kal the dissector can be hold during all the fight, but our tank cannot prevent parasites from spawning at some point.
    Any tips about that tank-injection thing? A better order for doing it?

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    We're doing Dissector > Bloodseeker > Prime > Swarmkeeper > Bloodlust Poisoned Mind > Manipulator > Locust > Lucid > Windreaver.

    Poisoned Mind and Manipulator were causing by far the most problems for us.
    - Active Mitigation for Dissectors Parasites (should only happen once)
    - Stand in Swarmkeepers Aim (spread along the line)
    - Focus Primes Amber Restoration (the thing he does at 50%)
    - Dodge Locusts Hurl Amber
    - Pop Raid CDs for Poisoned Minds Catalyst (should only happen once)
    - Free Manipulators Mesmerize (should only happen once)

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    I think others have pretty much covered it, I'll just add:
    Korven hits like a fricking truck after he does his stun. If you can't cooldown through a stun then communicate clearly so the other tank can taunt after the stun has happened.

    To khatsoo, if parasites spawn its because active mitigation wasn't up when injection was cast. Make sure the tank has active mitigation up. Failing this single target the parasites since they heal to full every 10 seconds.

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    Do it with 2 healer, they literally die before doing anything special most of the time.

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    2 heal the fight, makes it sooooo much easier, our kill order is this week was -

    Dissecter - > Bloodseeker -> Prime -> Swarmkeeper -> PoisonMind -> Lucid -> Locust -> Wind Reaver -> Manipulator

    In previous weeks we have killed Manipulator before Wind Reaver but thats your call, what ever you guys handle best out of the abilities they do then kill that one last.
    do not switch to amber, simply dps prime to about 75% and then switch to any other boss and nuke them past 50% , then just switch back to Prime and nuke him down, the amber dps needed is quite high so just avoid that stress altogether by doing it this way.

    We manage to nuke the 1st 2 down without having to switch to the Bloods that Bloodseaker spawns without Bloodlust, the 1st set should spawn just as you kill Dissecter stun or slow them if you are a little behind but with 6 dps you should be fine and then just let them make it to the boss before you start all over again with killing Bloodseaker, you are more likely to need stuns and slows with this one as everyone will probably have used their CD's on the opener.

    Tbh this fight sounds much more complicated than it really is, dont let all the boss abilities intimidate you, just know when to group and when to spread, aim wasnt really an issue for us and as soon as we started moving as a group away from hurl amber the fight became pretty easy, stick with it, it did initially take us about 2 - 3 hours to get it.

    Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcrin View Post
    and ppl needed to make a macro saying /tar amber to get it down quickly enough.
    I recommend a /targetexact macro, since there are also some other mobs starting with "amber" (I think amber parasite is the name), so you would target them rather than the actually important amber

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    Our druid tank managed to hold the Dissector the whole fight without any parasite spawning, made it really easy.
    Also 2-healing it and poped BL at the pull, bringing the Bloodseeker down even before the bloods reached him.
    Thanks for the tips.

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    Did it in 4 attempts last Monday using Evrelia's strategy on his website really easy / fun fight considering the last 4 bosses were solo tanked with 2 DPS down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vetti View Post
    Paragons are as easy or even easier than Immersus
    Useless comment, and untrue at the same time. It has a lot more to the equation than Immerseus so its hardly easier in that sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollfaced View Post
    Useless comment, and untrue at the same time. It has a lot more to the equation than Immerseus so its hardly easier in that sense.
    Actually most of the abilities can be ignored. We for example kill the parasite dude first and slow the oozes but don't kill them. So the only abilities we actually have to deal with is aim (from the hunter), calculation, the injection stuff (yellow, blue, red), mesmerize, death from above and the tank swap. In our group as well it took us 4-5 attempts the first week and we killed the boss with 1 healer, 1 tank and 2 DPS alive on the last 2. This week we 1 shot it with 2 tanks, 2 healers and 1 dps alive for 2 and a half minutes with 3 bosses up. You are correct in saying it is harder than immerseus but it's a fairly simple fight if you just ignore most of the stuff.

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