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    blizzcon goodies question :

    apolegies for me asking. used the search function and cudnt find any answer around this.

    how do we generaly obtain the blizzcon virtual tickets goodie bags? wil they be automatickly added to your account. is there a code redemption.. do we have to wait til blizzcon starts or is it obtaineble sooner?

    thanks in advance

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    It's automatically added to your account, if I recall correctly from last BlizzCon.

    The items will be available after BlizzCon.

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    think its just linked to the account you buy the ticket on. no codes anymore.
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    I believe people who physically go to Blizzcon will end up with regular codes. But the digital tickets = digital items tagged directly to your account.

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    BlizzCon 2013 FAQ holds the answers you seek, my friend. There was a question earlier this week about the topic but used in a different situation.
    If I order the BlizzCon 2013 Virtual Ticket, will I receive the BlizzCon 2013-exclusive in-game goodies?
    Yes, if you purchase the Virtual Ticket Internet stream, you will also receive the BlizzCon 2013-exclusive World of Warcraft, Diablo® III, StarCraft II, and Hearthstone™: Heroes of Warcraft™ in-game goodies

    World of Warcraft Pet: Murkalot
    StarCraft II Portrait & Decal: Tearin' Stitches & Stitches' Hook
    Diablo III Banner: Mark of Death
    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Card: Mystery Minion

    The goodies will be linked to the Battle.net account used to purchase the Virtual Ticket at some point after the show begins. Please note that the BlizzCon 2013 in-game goodies are available only to players on realms/servers in the following regions: the Americas (including those serving players in Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia), Europe, Russia, Taiwan, and Korea
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