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    Best Raiding Guild Boss Kill videos?

    Just watched this and puked rainbows. I love kill videos with a bit of epic thrown in. Could you recommend some other decent kill videos in a similar style to this one?

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    Paragon vs Sinestra
    Paragon vs Ragnaros
    Method vs Lei Shen
    Sk Gaming vs Muru
    Ulduar the Movie part 3 (not a kill video but it's epic)
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    Paragon vs. Ragnaros 25H is probably the pinnacle of raid videos, both in that Paragon was at their prime and because of the fight itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire5714 View Post
    Paragon vs Sinestra
    Paragon vs Ragnaros
    Method vs Lei Shen
    Sk Gaming vs Muru
    Ulduar the Movie part 3 (not a kill video but it's epic)
    I always liked the SK Gaming vs Muruu video, the ending is just sick

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    sk vs muru is a good one.
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    I always liked the SK Gaming vs Muruu video, the ending is just sick
    Indeed, good choice of music as well.

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    Methods garrosh kill, just saw it, i think if it lasted just half a second longer it would have been a wipe:

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    SK gaming vs Kil'Jaeden is my fav because the music is so fucking epic!

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    Ensidia v. Algalon world first.
    For the midcores:
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    Method vs Kil'Jaeden, best kill movie ever. Just loving the music when KJ hits 20% and Kalecgos and Anveena have their conversation. Goosebumps.
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    Ensidia vs Firefighter

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    Love the music>**
    Anyway love this boss<! 2 many wipe's back then*

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    Paragon vs LK & Ragnaros. Lich King because the fight is amazing, Ragnaros for the music in the final phase.
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    Vodka Vs sinestra

    SK Gaming Vs KJ
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    It's mainstream, but I have to go with:
    Paragon vs The Lich King
    Ensidia vs Algalon
    SK Gaming vs Kil'jaeden

    Though I liked For the Horde vs Cho'gall quiet much, but that might be because I'm german :P

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    Very old vids, and not really similar to nowadays boss kill vids, but Empire's raid movies during Vanilla left a very strong impression in me - the first vids that showed me how epic raiding can be.

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    Sk vs M'uru. Grendel is an awesome band and fits the fights I think, especially the screams coinciding with the panoramic view of of anveena.

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    It makes me really sad that I had to go all the way to the 14th post to see someone mention Paragon vs LK. It is the best by far - and I'll admit - a lot of it has to do with the encounter itself.

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    Vodka vs H Lich King. So damn good that I still go back and watch it occasionally. Miss Kina's editing skills. Part 1 Part 2

    Also my pic isn't at all associated with the guild. I'm just an alcoholic in training.
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