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    Heirlooms from Garrosh

    What is the droprate on them? I thought the first one was to be guarenteed :/
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    It's gurenteed to be for the spec your killing him with.

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    killed em 3 times so far, not one has dropped for our 25m once for 3 clears

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    Had 2 drop for our 10 man raid last night.

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    First kill this week, none in our 10 man.
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    0 in 10 man last week
    1 in 25 man this week.

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    Our rogue has gotten 2 of the same weapon, Hellscreams Razor. He was a bit dissapointed because he wanted his second to be for a different class.

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    We've killed Garrosh 4 times (10 man), only heirloom so far is a bow for our hunter, and he's already replaced it.

    Seems to be an extremely low drop chanse.

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    We've gotten 1 so far in our 10 man. Cleared every week.

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    Our warrior tank got a 1 hand sword last reset. Think that's the only 1 we've got from 2 kills so far (not killled it yet this reset and failed to kill it 1st week).

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    Killed him 10 times, got 0 heirlooms.

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    Every kill is a small chance per individual player, the first drop an individual player will ever get will be for their loot spec, and every drop following that for an individual player will be a random hierloom.

    We've killed Garrosh once, and our mistweaver got the spell staff.

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    We've killed Garrosh five times with one Heirloom item dropped which went to our Resto Shaman.

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    We've had about 5 and have been killing 25m Garrosh every week. Our spriest got 2 of them (a bow for his hunter alt and a mace for priest).

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    We have 1 kill (10 man) and no heirlooms dropped. This will probably be a difficult thing to analyse the drop rate for since there is no alternative drop bag and it's personal loot. Maybe ~15% chance like bonus loot?

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    Way lower than 15%. People getting 1 or 2 per 25-man kill, usually when the whole raid coins a boss you have like 4-5 items :P

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    2/4 kills have dropped the BoA, one for our hunter and one for our tank monk.

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    Wait so you can get anything per character regardless of your class? So if unlucky you will get only gear for classes you don't play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bt4 View Post
    Wait so you can get anything per character regardless of your class? So if unlucky you will get only gear for classes you don't play?
    No, the first loom that drops for you will be for your current class/spec, after you get that, then you can get random ones.

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    I got the healing mace on my Retribution Paladin last week (with my loot specialization set to Holy, mind you). I'm the only one in my 10m that has gotten one.

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