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    Best spec? [PVE]

    I'm back to WoW now. I left it in June after raiding in Throne and now I don't know the updates and changes.
    I was Assassination (I have 513ilvl) and I haven't tried in Orgrimmar. I don't know any other PvE Rogue so I don't know who should I ask so I ask you.
    Which is the best spec for PvE and why? My favourite is combat but I want to max my DPS. I have weapons for every spec.

    I also want to know if it's really good for PvE or I should reroll to my Warrior or my Priest. Thank you everyone!

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    Also see the stickies or the PvE guide posted at the top. Raidbots should help you see how rogues compare in total DPS vs. other classes. In a shorter response, rogues are doing absolutely fine as DPS in PvE.

    Closing this as any relevant discussion belongs in another existing thread.

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