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    Once did a low level dungeon on an alt. I think I was playing a male worgen warrior at the time (deleted it not long after, I find warriors boring ) And my group was talking about gaming and at one point they started talking about how girls are bad at WoW. IIRC this was halfway through Cataclysm and I was raiding heroic Firelands at the time. Normally I don't want to engage in conversations about the sexes but for some reason I got annoyed by what they were saying and told them I am a girl and I raid HC Firelands and topp the meters quite often. They then said you must be a healer then, since you know all girls play healers. I said no, I am a DPS, I play feral (arguably a harder spec than some others). They shut their mouths pretty quickly, tho I'm not sure they believed me since you couldn't link cross character achievements at the time.

    It's best to try and stay out of conversations like that, you don't gain anything from it. Haven't had it happen personally but I know a few female gamers that got harrassed after people found out they were female. There are also those that strengthen the stereotype (I can name a few of those... They frustrate me).

    It's best to just play however you like and don't talk about what gender you are.

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    Gaming, like many aspects of the Western world, is a male dominated pass time.

    Add to that lots of over-priveleged, slightly neurotic, ignorant young men/boys then (of course) racism, sexism and plain retardation are rife.

    To be offended by random shit like this means you should grow thicker skin, as never will men and women be treated equal (not if people of different skin colours are treated differentley).

    Mass multiculturism and equality of all types are skin-deep pipe dreams/myths our governments try and promote to stop us causing anarchy and civil war.

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    TBH what you should do is stalk out the guy who made the comments to you. and gank his ass. Only way to make them understand.

    If you really want to wind him up, find another group and try and queue around when he does, and prey the RNG gods are on your side so you get to go against him.

    Gaming is harder for females in general then it is for men. Sadly one of the only ways to even the playing field is to have friends to support you or to prove them wrong buy bringing your A game.

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    Im a bit guilty of a little sexism. Yet again, I have not personally seen any good female players. The closest Ive gotten is a ret paladin who does pull high numbers, but she tunnels so bad. It has caused many wipes on Durumu and other bosses where she actually has to pay attention to something other then dpsing. Now, just because I usually assume they are bad doesn't mean I go out of my way to be mean. I only start to get mad if they hinder the raid or PvP team. Even then I wont call them names. I also will acknowledge a good female player if I see one. Just personal experience has not been kind to me in showing me one that's good.

    Those guys acting like that before seeing you in action is uncalled for. Why they felt the need to do that Idk. Id suggest doing what my brother does. Mess with the chat filter to change how you sound on skype. He does it to annoy me, but it could work to mask your voice.I would recommend trying to do RBG's with friends or guildies. People who know you. You'll have to talk in those PvP situations quite often, so it may be best for you to try with those you trust. If only just so you can have peace of mind and not fear them making assumptions about you based on your gender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T Man View Post
    Gaming is harder for females in general then it is for men.
    No? Its harder to be accepted as being good without proving yourself as a girl. Not harder to actually play well.

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    Sexism on the internet? Oh wow, what else is new? And you actually proved their point, lol. "This caused me to be completely quiet throughout the game and I ended up not paying attention to their calls. I missed their call on asking me to peel back from the flag and then all hell went loose." - of course you'll be called retarded and stupid after that. So meh. Learn to either endure this or talk back/stand your ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naiomie View Post
    Wow what a bunch of idiots. people think because we're girls we can't play. I also get the type that flirts with me 24/7 and in the end i have to put many people on ignore. But in your situation I've never experienced something as harsh as that. I'm a very shy quite person and if i had someone shouting at me like how you described i would be so upset aswell

    I've also got in the past "Why are you playing wow when you should be in the kitchen" I lol'd but yeah. xD
    Makes me kinda sad. We have a few women in our guild and none of them feel the need to be quiet, makes me sad when we get pugs or new members that are female and they don't speak up because of experiences with idiots. Just gotta keep searching for the right group, I know it took me a while to find my current guild but it was worth it. Now I couldn't give a damn what some random asshole whispers me, I know my guild has my back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmachino View Post
    50% of all pvpers (well maybe all players) are immature fucks. Just find some more pugs and if they are gonna be all douchy just leave.

    Girls can be great player, one of the best healers we have had in our guild was a girl. She was healing for us for about half a year until she went all dramaqueen and left
    Maybe I haven't met enough of them but my experience with PVPers is similar, so many of them are immature. I doubt they even mean most of the shit they say, they just say it for shock value and "HURR DURR I TROLL YEWWWWW"

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    I (a girl too) have been a raid and guild leader for some time. When new raiders joined the guild, I made sure I didn't speak to them on teamspeak until we were actually in the raid. One of my officers handled recruitment interviews. Most of the times they would be surprised to find a girl leading, but once we started downing bosses, gender didn't matter anymore.

    I do have the feeling that to be recognized as a female in this male-filled (gaming) world, you have to do things either much better than them or be a bit silly and "cute". (This is just how I feel about it!)

    I've never had something similiar happening to me as OP described, but I did have a pug wiping when I said something during a try for the first time. All were stunned or something xP
    Quote Originally Posted by devolore View Post
    for the record you should pretty much never listen to me

    just saying


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    Wow, really? We have several girls in my guild, including my sister and a friend I've been playing with for years, there have been several (at least 10) girls in past guilds aswell and I have _never_ experienced a toxic atmosphere against women in our chats except for a few cases, but they were, obviously, thrown out of the guild by our female officer faster than they could react to.

    Sounds you were unlucky with the group. If I had been you, I probably just would've left, because I don't like playing with assholes.

    Best thing you could do though is just ignore them and ignore the comments. You were unfortunate not to listen, since that fueled them, but if you instead would've ignored that, you could've shown them that you actually wasn't bad.

    The risk of sexist comments would still linger though, since they sound like assholes regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyonis View Post
    I do have the feeling that to be recognized as a female in this male-filled (gaming) world, you have to do things either much better than them or be a bit silly and "cute". (This is just how I feel about it!)
    Sadly, I have to agree with you. My sister is the opposite of the "silly and cute" type girl when she's playing, she's like an actual normal person. This is hard for some people to take in, so they assume she's not very good at all. When she finally destroys them in PvE, they start to get some "gamer respect" for her.

    That said; People are still polite to her though, I haven't met a lot of people that are like the typical douchebags the OP describes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tintenkiller View Post
    Girl, you need to grow a thicker skin. And I tell this to you as another female.

    If harmless stuff like this manages to throws you off so much that you can't concentrate anymore and you're going to miss calls because of that, thus not being able to perform... you're quite in for something later in your life. Because these kind of jerks still exist outside of the game. They are very rare, but they still do exist. And you need to be able to handle/ignore it.

    It's like back in kindergarten with guys like that. They put on a big show because of the girl. Some try to impress her, others get mean. Just do your thing (and be GOOD at it) and shut them up that way.
    I don't think you understand how bad it was. This wasn't your average shit-talking, it was full-blown harassment and very loud yelling. I have a fairly thick skin, how else would I have gotten to such a high rating? I've encountered lots of idiots along the way already. I could not do my thing in that Skype call, and certainly not after being kicked from the call.

    Anyway, all the advice on how to deal with these situations were really helpful to me and I'm sure others who've read the thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojumonkey View Post
    I don't approve of their behavior a single iota, but you should try and figure out some ways that you can handle this better. Proving yourself would have been the perfect thing to do... but you just reaffirmed their beliefs. Is it their fault for instigating? hell yea. Should you have left the call immediately? Absolutely not! Women aren't who they are today because they ran from tough situations.

    Try to figure out ways of handling it, and surround yourself with friends who will tell them to shut their mouths and link their Glad cheeevs if they want permission to speak...
    You're allowed to be a dick if you've been a glad?
    Quote Originally Posted by kbarh View Post
    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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    It has been before, and it will be said again.

    Men tend to have better eye/hand coordination. Expect men to ignore women when it involves something that basic.

    PS: If you know you will be targeted because of your gender, you could always change the pitch of your voice with software. Better sound like an 11 year old.

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    Next time just laugh off their immaturity and play like you normally do. If they persist with the comments, ask if your gender is going to be an issue to the team, because your time in-game is valuable and you would like to pvp without the stupidity. Some immature players (yes, anyone that degrades any player in a game based on gender is not a mature adult) refuse to believe that females are equal to them in games. They refuse to believe that females can be just as good, if not better....and if we are, it's only because they had an "off day".

    It's sad, really....but some people never grow up.
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    So, you spoke up on a microphone and immediately got harassed for being a girl? Completely unprovoked, just for being a female? Give me a goddamn fucking break. If anything, those nerds would be sucking up to you for being a female.

    I've played this game for 6 years. Have raided + pvp'd with many girls in the group. Have not ONCE seen anything like this. I think OP is just another one of those "OMG I'm a girl gamer, pay attention to me" drama queens who got called out on her bullshit when she tried to play the gender card and it blew up in her face. Hence, this thread where she seeks support for being discriminated against.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wowaccounttom View Post
    It has been before, and it will be said again.

    Men tend to have better eye/hand coordination. Expect men to ignore women when it involves something that basic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Woodgela View Post
    From a gaming perspective and from my own personal experience most female players do not have the reaction speeds to compete at the top level. They panic much easier than male players, have lower attention spans and cannot handle constructive criticism well. Generally speaking, women do not possess the same mental toughness that males do. I'm sorry but no one will convince me otherwise of that. The OP's post is just clear cut proof of this. Instead of accepting that shit happens and that was a bad experience she comes on here to cry and complain about it and garner support from random people. I am sick to death of people trying to equalize everyone. People are not all equal. They excel in some areas and underperform in others its just the way it goes. Having said that I don't condone bullying of any sort. Those people in the rbg talking shit might be right but they don't need to belittle someone in a public forum.

    While this reigns mostly true with physical activities, there haven't been enough studies on it when it comes to playing video games; It's vastly out dated, considering the advancement of the technology that we now use.

    Of the few studies that have been done (when it comes to men vs. women in video games), it shows that men's reward regions in the brain are stimulated more than women's are when they play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wowaccounttom View Post
    It has been before, and it will be said again.

    Men tend to have better eye/hand coordination. Expect men to ignore women when it involves something that basic.

    PS: If you know you will be targeted because of your gender, you could always change the pitch of your voice with software. Better sound like an 11 year old.
    MEN....... MEN don't talk down to women. MEN respect them. If anything, real men are either respectfully polite, or at best/worst a little bit flirtatious.
    A man who has all his things in order doesn't resort to behaviors that are described in this thread and op example.

    What we dealing with in the game is troves of immature, sometimes ugly, bitter failures in life that hide themselves behind a video game, to deflect from the rejection they experience from females, and their surroundings because they simply outright suck in real life.
    They are female haters, because as hard as it sounds, they can't get laid. Or - of course - they aren't old enough for it just yet. They have nothing to hold onto, or to show outside the game. The game is their only way to prove to themselves how awesome they are. When in reality they are not.
    Because it doesn't matter how one can direct a few pixels around in a video game. That's a "skill" with no value whatsoever.
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    lol who carried u to glad

    Please post constructively
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    What a bunch of idiots. On my realm one of the best pvpers is a woman.

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    This stuff happens all the time.

    Its a shame but only thing you can do is ignore punks like these. One day they will grow up the hard way.

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    Sad thing is, most of them act this way because they don't know how to handle/talk to girls. Hell, they don't expect them to even play WoW.

    Reality is you're just as good if not better than they are most of the time. Immature people will be immature, sadly.

    I'd suggest just doing your best to ignore it or laugh it off. Rise to it and they'll just get worse.
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