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  • I gem, enchant for flex

    52 75.36%
  • I use pots / flasks in flex

    43 62.32%
  • I gem / enchant in lfr

    50 72.46%
  • I use pots / flasks in lfr

    16 23.19%
  • I don't do any of these for lfr / flex

    5 7.25%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I'm just not going to put a big weapon enchant and a 500g belt buckle on a 476 ilvl piece of crap belt , Because I'm cheap just like that
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    I gem/enchant for LFR the gear which really won't be upgraded with something. For FLEX I gem/enchant all gear.
    I just slap on a flask+food in FLEX, but am not using any pots. Don't use anything in LFR, it is just not worth the waste
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