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    Would you date / marry an undead?

    Not sure where yo post this, but putting it here. So, if there were undead, just like the ones in Warcraft that retained their humanity, would you date / marry one? Now, they wouldn't look exactly like the WoW undead. They wouldn't be half rotted. Im going on more about the ones that would be freshly risen. They would look exactly like they did in life, except grey skin and cold and all. In terms of how they think and act, it would be just like the WoW forsaken. They would have their free will, humanity, and memories from the past.

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    That's sick. Might aswell just marry a tauren.

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    I don't even...

    Can I buy it a life-insurance?
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    Lol. Hey, its a random thought. They are just as they were in life, just a bit colder. As far as their personality, feelings, thoughts, everything about them go, its all there. They just so happen to no longer have a heart beat so wouldn't be considered alive.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo Risin View Post
    I don't even...

    Can I buy it a life-insurance?
    For them or you? They are already dead so dont think that would work.

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    Not the weirdest question ever, but pretty fucking close.

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    What an odd question.
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    lol, drugs are bad.

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    Mm necro.. of course I would. hurr..

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    Depends on who the undead is, if it's Sylvanas then yes.
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    It really depends on how you define the undead state.

    They would look exactly like they did in life, except grey skin and cold and all.
    I'm not really sold on that idea.

    However, in literature, Vampires are classified as undead, and depending on the individual, in say, the True Blood universe, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea simply on the basis of their being a vampire.

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    Equine Necrophilia - flogging dead horses ?

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    Nope... sounds horrible

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    Why are you asking this? really......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Pebbleton View Post
    That's sick. Might aswell just marry a tauren.
    I'd date a tauren.

    I'd totally do that.

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    The fact that 39% of the poll as of posting would consider this is really weird.

    I've always thought there was something very wrong about a corpse topping all the "hottest faction leader polls".
    Disclaimer: No I'm not Alliance. I reserve the right to bat for both factions thank you very much.

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    There walking corpses do you really wanna marry that o.0?

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    Well i often find myself in graveyards at midnight with a tub of vaseline and a shovel, so it would make the process easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d0oms View Post
    Well i often find myself in graveyards at midnight with a tub of vaseline and a shovel, so it would make the process easier.
    That is one of the funniest things i have ever read on this forum. Well done.
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    Maybe, depends on her. I guess it would be weird first but I don't think it would be to bad.

    If something like this, why not?
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