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    Played three classes - Enh. Shaman/Resto during WoTLK, MM/BM hunter and feral/tank druid during Cata. Now playing WW Monk because monks are fun. So now my Monk is my main.

    Though I have to admit, DK's are pretty solid nowadays.

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    Hunter from beta to early wotlk.
    Switched to druid mid wotlk and never gone back to hunter.

    Every only dps class feels dull after playing something with 4 different specs .

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    Ooh yes!
    I've always wanted to play a Paladin, too bad my friends were Horde.
    But in WotLK I finally made the switch and now I can play my favourite class

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    I don't want to jinx it but I just read a 5-page thread full of productive, happy, on-topic responses with no negativity, trolling or bickering.

    for me, Warlock. I started as a Fury Warrior in Vanilla WoW, stopped playing for a while in TBC before coming back and levelling a Warlock on a new server. got 70, cleared all the raid content except Sunwell, and Warlock has been the character I return to always, although I mained a Feral Druid and a Rogue for a couple of months respectively. I just like the flavour of the class so much, and they're usually guaranteed to perform pretty well.
    I think i can give up choose talent in this level?
    because if i am not choose this level。 i can have 20% blood more than choosen..
    warlock now became a guy use 5 level talents VS other 6 level.

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    Yes it is. Kinda. Right now I don't like any of my DPS specs, but since they change a bit every expansion, I am sure the'll come around again. Druid since 2006. No intention of swapping.

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    Yes. My first, my favorite, my main.

    My partner told me that whatever I do, don't roll a warlock. I was told that it was a crapclass and I was going to quit it. I refused to take advice and still went with what I felt most drawn to. I still play my warlock and I just love it. I play destrolock and whenever I get the question why I play warlock and not hunter for example I reply with "It's so much boomboom, so much survavability, so much utility, so awesomelooking and so fun!".

    Destrolock = You're on fire and shoot big bolts that just looks awesome.
    Demolock = Getting awesome horns and demonhands + cool energy swirling around you while building up demonic fury --> Metaform, pure awesomeness!

    And don't forget the awesome demons. The Observer, Durumus lost son. Voidlord, the fat blue blob tanking all those mobs making me take 0 damage. Shivarra, the slutty one always to count on in PvP.

    Yup. My fav is my main.
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    I don't really have "a main"... I have mains.

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    Actually no. My fav class is rogue, I love playing my rogue, however I hate leveling with a passion. So my rogue has been level 80 for hmmmmm years, and I just cannot find the enthusiasm to do Cata/mist again
    Done it on my Mage and Lock and that was more than enough for me. I might get my GF to level it for me, she is always looking for ways to make gold....

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