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    Why not Medals in Raids?

    (first, you will have to excuse me for my poor english. Thank you for your comprehension...)

    Why not Medals in Raids?

    I'm sure the idea has been discussed (probably bashed) before but I still want to hear your arguments on this.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if we could personally earn Medals (Bronze/Silver/Gold) on each boss in Raids, regarding of how well we performed?

    I can think of different possibilites, none of them perfect, but I find the idea really cool. The big concept would be that if you know the boss well, if you do everything perfect, you could be rewarded with a Gold Medal, and a little extra.

    By doing "everything perfect", I mean doing your role well (dps, tank or heal) AND not fail on boss special mechanics.

    What would be the benefits?

    -In LFR, you could be more rewarded, like more chance to drop or [Insert interessting Reward here] the better your Medal is. This would be a good motivation for everybody, and would result in less wipes, less frustration, and less boring raids.

    -In Flex / Normal / Heroic, showing your Medals would be a good proof that you are a "good player" (more than ilvl, more than a proven title). Until you have Gold for each boss, you would be motivated to perform better, and better. "Gotta catch'em all ! ". All Gold could even Reward you a mount or [Insert interessting Reward here].

    -Overall I think this could be a good way to perform better, to keep interested in raiding even after you killed the endboss 5 times and to improve yourself.

    Please tell me how you would feel if such a system would be implemented. ( Since I am not Blizzard, I perfectly know that the way I presented this to you would be a failure because of X or Y details, I just want to hear what you have to say about the Idea of such a thing )

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    Heroic raids already have "medals", in form of Cutting Edge achievements. Ditto for normal and Ahead of Curve. Ignoring that, it's difficult to accurately judge player perfomance using automated system. Is player X doing poor DPS because he sucks? Maybe it's his gear? Maybe he wasn't tunneling the boss and focused on interrupts instead? Was there a raid buff missing? Did he get debuff Y that lowers his DPS five times in this particular fight, while player Z only got it once?

    And let's not even get into healers. Spam that Spirit Shell, inflate your own hps and lower that of others. It's doesn't really help with healing all that much, but hey, MEDALS! Make sure to get all the Innervates from Druids and have couple Resto Shamans feeding you mana, too. That way you can drop all the regen gear and go for pure throughput. You'll be racking those medals in no time.

    What about tanking? Is this guy a moron for not taunting at X stacks or are they maximizing Vengeance? Did he die because he stood in a fire, healers were asleep or he expected external cooldown and got none?

    So, in short - no. Designing appriopriate "scoring" system would have to be done on boss by boss basic, and would have been abuses to hell anyway. Pointless padding just to get medals.

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    How would you judge it? Some groups use strange comps or weird strategies on bosses to down it, which might not always play to individual players' strengths (e.g. taking your top DPS off the boss to focus 100% on adds) but works for that group.
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    Run logs > upload > check your raid DPS/HPS > check ranking > done.
    So its pretty much the same. If your 5 dps got rank 10-20 and your healers on 20-50 > you are golden in this gear level and you have gotten a GOLD.


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