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    Well i think that the 10th reward will be a awesome mount, if it's less then that. i would be happy anyways...

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    The 10th anniversary reward will be underwhelming as usual, like it's been since after the Ony pet.

    I guarantee it will be the stupid XP buff that will have to be hotfixed since they couldn't bother to increase it to 10% from the 9% we'll get this year (coincidentally after a hotfix) before the anniversary.

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    Bernard could be something for a 5.5 reward

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noomz View Post
    Is no-one but me annoyed by the fact that there have never EVER been any Saint Bernard rescue dogs with beer kegs around their neck like this? It's a myth.
    It originally stems from a famous painting.. But it's hardly something to be annoyed at. It's not as if it's impossible to put a cask of brandy under a dog's collar, and moderately less improbable to encounter in your daily routine than a troll with a Jamaican accent hurling fireballs at diemetradons.

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