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    If you're going to only do lfr and such with her, disc priest. She can literally sit there and spam smite the entire time and be useful still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne25uk View Post
    I'd say druid,its piss easy to heal and if she gets bored she can always go dps or melee or tank. That way she has 1 of everything and can be a jack of all trades and a master of fuck all,cos thats women right?
    On behalf of all women, fuck you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blayzee View Post
    Everyone knows girls always tend to choose priests, i mean atleast 80% of priests i've met are girls!
    *looks at my all male priest guild roster*

    Hnn, well.

    Threw that out the window quickly didn't we.

    Some of you in here are coming off a mite sexist. I know it's pretty much par for the course on here, but try to tone it down some, hmm?

    I'll just restate my point now the OP has been clearer, let her read the history/descriptions of each of the healing classes. If she cannot make a decision without her boyfriends say-so then I have little else to say here. You didn't pick up a girlfriend, you picked up a robot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqua View Post
    *looks at my all male priest guild roster*

    Hnn, well.

    Threw that out the window quickly didn't we.

    Some of you in here are coming off a mite sexist. I know it's pretty much par for the course on here, but try to tone it down some, hmm?

    I'll just restate my point now the OP has been clearer, let her read the history/descriptions of each of the healing classes. If she cannot make a decision without her boyfriends say-so then I have little else to say here. You didn't pick up a girlfriend, you picked up a robot.
    As long as it heals well and gives him sex on demand... I'd say he's got a good thing going.

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    Resto shaman, druid isn't too hard but you need to know how to optimise HOTs.

    Better to get her to just sample the different healers and try what she likes best, the difficulty level isn't hugely different for them. I would say disc priests are the most rewarding when played well but you can still get by as an average player too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anisadora View Post
    Excuse me, girls dont need to be handed "easy classes". Girls are just as competent, if they want to be doing what theyre doing. You do know Mione is female, right? The DK (mostly) that keeps coming out with amazing solo videos?

    Let the poor girl play what she wants, or stop dragging her into something she's only doing because she's trying to spend more time with you. Jesus. You don't need to get a girlfriend to have a pocket healer.
    Depends - maybe she doesn't want to play the game too much?

    Also, when speaking of averages it's ill advised to refer to exceptions to prove a point. Guys tend to have better reflexes and spatial awareness on average. Tend. This doesn't mean girls are bad players or can't play well. Otherwise, I agree with your overall point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaladhrun View Post
    Resto shaman, druid isn't too hard but you need to know how to optimise HOTs.
    I'd have to go with the same.

    But I'd also suggest Druid over Shaman as a first character simply because it gives her the option of trying out tanking at some point without leveling a new character.

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    I wouldn't pick ones with two resources (paladin and monk) and of the others [email protected] go with priest because if disc isn't fun then she can try holy without having to reroll. Thats 2 of the 6 specs tried out with only having to level one toon

    I wouldn't go druid, I would say they are like the Shen-long (or w/e his name was, last dude of Mortal Combat 1) in that they have the different forms which emulate different classes to an extent; if anything I would call druid an "advanced" class, simply because you are almost trying to learn 4 different classes in one. Of course with guidance thats not going to be too bad.
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    Shaman and disc are the easiest currently.

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    I'd suggest Shaman. Healing Rain, chain heal, keep your totem down, drop healing tide when scary, drop mana tide when running low, spot heal off and on. Done.

    Quote Originally Posted by shnuggle View Post
    monk 10char
    That's a hell of a learning curve if she wants to be more than an LFR hero.
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    As a female WoW player who also started playing because of my boyfriend I can understand. I am pretty sure my boyfriend got me to play just so he would have a healer, he has been trying to get me to heal for years. I finally decided to give it a go recently. I suggest Mistweaver Monk, or Disc Priest.

    Monks are really OP, and are ridiculously simple to play. There is a set rotation you need to stick with but if she can't do a simple rotation you probably shouldn't be getting her into healing.

    Priest are fun, and easy. You can DPS and heal at the same time. Nothing tricky about Priests in my opinion.

    Both classes are easy to solo content as, so if she doesn't want to level by dungeons alone, she can easily quest as either class.

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    My wife had an Auto accident years ago, so she doesnt process information like she used to (something gets slightly jumbled up from visual to actual processing). She can understand things but it takes a bit more explaining as she gets confused easily. Now I'm not saying yours is the same way but just giving my experience. but no way in hell can she PVP. not gonna happen. She can drive manual transmission but she'll be rough on the transmission cause things "happen fast" (if you know what I mean). Just to give an idea....

    So out of the classes this expansion to heal on, she found the Shaman the easiest. She said (believe it or not) that Paladin was pretty easy to do to (things get out of control she could Bubble and just worry about the others and not herself). She found maintaining Harmony on a Druid too much work and confused her slightly as she had more to juggle. Disc Priest was also pretty easy and she gave up on Holy and Didnt even bother with a monk.

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    That's really cute that she wants to protect you. If she wants to watch your back make her go tank :P

    I am a girl and I love playing healers (more like I'm forced into too XD but I enjoy it )

    If she focuses on healing, shapeshifting on druids is not an issue. She will primarily be in caster form and rarely shapeshift. They are a very mobile healer with many hots. if you are just playing causally I think the extent of her healing will be rejuv, swiftmend, wild growth.

    Shamans are very simplistic too, it can just get overwhelming with the utility totems. However their spells have a little more casting time. Her rotation will probably be Earth shield, Riptide, healing wave. Or even just healing rain. Depends on how much damage you take.

    Priests are my favorite. If she goes discipline, she can just bubble you and penance every once in a while. Holy will be a little more difficult but manageable.

    Paladins just stand in the corner and cast big heals all day long. And monks have to maintain a channel and are not for everyone.

    Since all healers are pretty strong low levels it really doesn't matter what she chooses. She has 90 levels to get used to her character.


    My friend who is also a female healer doesn't feel comfortable playing a healing class if she hadn't played it heals to level 90 because there is a lot of pressure for a healer at max level.

    My recommended healers are Disc Priest for strong bubbles, Druids for hots and instant heals, and then Shaman.

    My suggestion to you is to let her pick the race she wants to be. Let her form a personal connection to the character.

    Then show her a few tier sets of the healers that race can be and then let her pick from there.

    If she picks a Blood Elf she should probably go Priest
    Night Elf can be Priests or Druids
    Dreanei can be Priests of Shamans

    Because I know there is a 90% chance she might pick a pretty race. XD

    TL;DR let her pick her race first then choose the class from there.

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    I don't have much experience with all the healing classes, but disc healing always felt quite easy. Shield (very nice), renew and some other easy stuff (been a while). So I would go with that.

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    Some say shaman, I say that's a lot to keep track of.
    Paladin , simple to get but enough depth to prevent quitting, plus the ability to change role and cover all the bases.
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    Personally I would say don't have her heal.. don't have her play any crucial role to a group if shes new.. lol.

    But if you had to, Paladin's are fairly straight forward.

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    Your first mistake is introducing her to the game, and then dictating what she should play.

    But you knew that... right?
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    Shaman healing is easy.

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    Paladin healing is quite fun for me, anyways. I've been a Paladin healer since 2.4.. I've seen all the changes. I absolutely love healing on my Paladin, give it a shot. They've got lots of utility! Especially in Arena! ^_^
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    Disc and Pally are probably the easiest to level with. Monk is almost certainly the hardest (at low levels).

    As for what is the easiest spec to do casual/easy raid healing in, atonement is easy, druid is even easier (as long as you are using healbot or some other simple frames addon). Pally has a lot of cooldowns but you can be a functional "okay" raid healer without using all of them, or just macro them all down to 2-3 buttons. Can't comment on shaman or monk at level 90.

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    I reckon resto druids are fun to play. Plus everyone loves a cow

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