View Poll Results: In which of these 3 Worlds of Warcraft would you like to fall?

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  • 1st pic: awesome atmosphere, stunning weather and wet effects

    157 65.69%
  • 2nd pic: majesty, breathtaking lights, cool depths of the environment

    45 18.83%
  • 3rd pic: extremely detailed objects and water, great lights

    37 15.48%
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    Red face So imagine you playing WoW with this graphic...

    I have found these Fan Arts in archives, and I have spent some minutes imagining how awesome would it be to play in such a world.
    Weather's quality is so important guys... I have never thought this until now. Atmosphere really gives half of the like.

    So I'm sharing you different kind of arts, but everyone maintains the actual "cartoonish" graphic, just in a different styles.
    Under which art-style would you like to play?

    Here the graphic is focused on the density of the atmosphere, just look at the sky and the wet ground. It would be awesome to adventure under this atmosphere. (really faithful to the actual WoW, looks like just an improvement)

    In front of this majestic Orgrimmar, we can notice how much the use of light is relevant here, as-well as the depths of the environment. A kind of epic art that should be breathtaking to play on.

    The extremely detailed objects are amazing, probably exaggerated for a video-game. Here every detail, the weather too, is incredible, just perfect. Is it too much?

    So in which of these 3 Worlds of Warcraft would you like to fall? Enjoy!
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    First 2 pictures are amazing, And i would choose picture 2, i love Orgrimmar like that.
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    If i had the computer for it, the first one would give me great joy.
    it would take alot of manpower for them to do this, but it's nice to dream :P

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    I'd take picture number one i started as an Forsaken in wow so I'd love that place if it looked that way.

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    The first two are incredible, would greatly enjoy playing in that sort of style. The last one is a bit too ultra HD for WoW.

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    I love that Brill seriously I would throw out my old pc and buy a new one.

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    I play Rift, already got those graphics

    OT: Yes would be awesome especially #1, love dark and grim graphics.

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    third pic looks to realistic. im playing wow due to it not being realistic. otherwise id go out.

    so second one deffo!

    is the first pic available as wallpaper btw?
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    3 hands down.
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    1... but that's because I love Brill. Best area in the game imho. I loved that whole zone.

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    The atmosphere of the first picture, like god damn!

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    High Overlord Spylacopa's Avatar
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    art style 1. I love dark gothic like areas

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    Mechagnome Aerr's Avatar
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    Seconds picture show how tiny you are compared to such a fortress, really nice. I vote for the first one though

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    All of them are epic, I want all of those art styles combined. On a second thought, that Ogrimmar pic is pretty epic.
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    make a POLL!

    #1 for me. Even though Orcs are my favorite, the Undead will always hold a special place in my rotten-heart. On top of that, Brill is just omfgawesomesos

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    High Overlord Lunzium's Avatar
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    First 2 look amazing, would love WoW to look like that.

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    All of those are possible in a video game today...and I'd love to see any of those be reality in World of Warcraft
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    It depends. Pic 1 is awesome but playing in such a dark grim world would alienate many of us in a few weeks. It depends how that engine would play out in different areas

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    Unfgh. My graphics baby just did a little gurgle.

    All 3 of them have their place. For WoW though... I guess 1 or 2... WoW doesn't need a hyper realistic style, the tone is far too cartoony to carry it well.

    But the first 2, I just. Nghg yes, good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trifande View Post
    make a POLL!

    #1 for me. Even though Orcs are my favorite, the Undead will always hold a special place in my rotten-heart. On top of that, Brill is just omfgawesomesos
    You're right, POLL ADDED!

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