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    Trinket Question: Need help

    Hello fellow warriors,

    So I've got a question to ask and need advice. I've got the following trinket and need to know which ones to use:

    Skeer's Bloodoasked Talisman *Currently Equipped
    Evil Eye (Flex) *Currently Equipped
    Thok's Tail Tip (Flex)
    Feather (Heroic)

    I'm obviously aiming for normal mode Eye and Thok but currently, what would you think is optimal? I keep getting different opinions and wanted to see what you all though. Thanks!


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    Well Eye and Skeer's are currently BiS so I guess keeping your current setup is probably most optimal.
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    eye + feather would be my guess.
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    Skeer + Eye or Thok's + Eye

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    Quote Originally Posted by arioc View Post
    Well Eye and Skeer's are currently BiS so I guess keeping your current setup is probably most optimal.
    Eye and Thok's are BiS last time I checked for Fury. As per your choices, I would personally run the Thok 2/2 and Eye 2/2 if possible because of the gain you get from the reduction and the bonuses from Thok's trinket. If you want, you can test around with Skeer's over the flex Thok, but I personally don't like it (which is why I would run heroic feather still if I had one of those flex trinkets).

    Off topic though:

    If you're playing fury, why are you gemming strength? You would be gaining much more dps going into crit based gems over those pure strength gems at your currently ilvl.

    You also shouldn't run that Recklessness glyph at all because it is purely awful still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arioc View Post
    Well Eye and Skeer's are currently BiS so I guess keeping your current setup is probably most optimal.
    Eye+thok are BiS, or else Thok+skeers for arms (maybe)

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    Most probably you will use two of these trinkets: Feather, Eye or Thok. You will have to sim yourself to see which combination is the best.

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    Flex Eye and Thok are both very slightly better than H TF Feathers. If your feathers are only H, then its an easy answer.

    As for Skeers normal, it is slightly above, but extremely close to both Flex Eye and Flex Thok for single target only. When I say extremely I mean like <1% difference. As soon as you get into any multi target situation, Skeers drops just below both Eye and Thok.
    Eye is actually the weakest of the three for single target, however with the amount of AoE there is in the tier, even as fury, Eye starts taking the lead. Plus I like it because it makes the single target rotation infinitely easier/less RNG dependent and that alone will make your damage go up. Not to mention shorter defensive CD's.

    TLDR: Thok + Eye

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    I can't even get Eye on LFR at this point lol. I use all my coin rolls for it on Flex and Normal mode but hopefully we down it on Heroic this week and the Heroic Warforged Eye drops LOL.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

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