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    Daggers get more poison procs, obviously.

    However, if you have a large enough ilvl gap between your OH dagger, and a 2.6 weapon you have available, the 2.6 may be the better option.

    For example, I currently only have one 561 and one 530 dagger, but I also have a 574 mace. So if I was to go sub, I would use the mace in my offhand.

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    Shadowcraft will account for that though. If you go to your candidate offhand dagger, pick that, hit reforge, write that number down, then go to your candidate offhand sword, pick that, hit reforge, and see whether it is more or less. The weapon itself is what it uses.

    In general, sub wants a fast offhand for more poisons. The difference is pretty big in fact. If your offhand is actually powerful enough, consider trying it as your mainhand and changing your shc rotation to only hemo- you may actually gain damage that way if your ilvl delta is huge.

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    how many times can this question pop up on this forum?

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    OP: 2.6 weapons do not have a higher DPS for equal itemlevel weapons (an average 180 strike for a dagger will instead average 260 damage for a 2.6 delay weapon - both will have equivalent DPS for melee). There is no advantage to a slower weapon in the offhand for subtlety. Since poisons proc from the offhand strikes as well, for the same ilevel, daggers are obviously ahead.

    For ilevel gaps in offhand options, see the above posts.

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    Hm, I have 574 mace and 543 dagger for OH as sub and shadowcraft still prefers slow weapon.
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    That's exactly what the previous posters have said should be the case. A 574 dagger should be better than a 574 mace, however, for the added poison procs from the OH.

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    I seriously don't understand how my question is spam but this thread isn't. That's absurd. This has been posted like 5 times and is in a whole bunch of the stickies. The answer is always the same: Shadowcraft and item level.

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