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    7 Free WoW days. [Link Inside]

    I didn't find a thread about this so here you go.


    Also I'm not sure if you have to like the WoW page in FB so the page can appear.

    If the link doesn't work then just go to the WoW page in FB and you'll see the thing in the place where other profiles usually have their photos.
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    I don't have a FB account and the page appeared for me.

    It's legitimate, but apparently my account isn't eligible for free time, I've been inactive for 3 months.

    "This license may have already received free game time"

    I activated a similar offer a few months after MoP launched (a 10 day MoP trial), so this may be why.
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    i used that but that was like a month ago now (7 days with 5.4) and i had been inactive for about 5 months
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    Well, here's some positive news.

    I decided to spend a few minutes contacting a GM via Live Chat, I explained the issue and that I was simply confused as to why I couldn't activate it.

    I was then given a link to http://us.battle.net/en/promotion/wow/

    I was still ineligible.

    was asked to answer one of my security questions.

    Then the GM manually added the free 7 days to my account.

    Total live chat time (including waiting) was about 7 minutes. I didn't wait longer than 20 seconds to talk to a GM, which was surprising.

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    Been chatting with a GM just now.

    That promotion expired on September 29th

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