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    Quote Originally Posted by Glorious Leader View Post
    I don't really see the problem here. If tabards are the way to grind rep that's fine. If it takes YOU a day maximum then it's probably alot better for people who don't play as often or as much as you do. Conquest and valor would have no cap so while YOU may grind it endlessly peoples whos lives have other dictates other then the will and whim of some video game wouldn't have a problem. Not raiding to get full gear is also fin. I don't see the problem. This notion that the game ought to require effort is bizarre. Tell me how much effort is good in your opinion? Should I have to raise a barn? Should I have to commit to it like a second job? or a child i'm raising? Absurd utterly absurd...
    If you don't have to put in effort then you're not even playing the game, you're just watching it happen. Even that takes the effort of sitting in a chair and watching it happen. The notion that it should take 0 effort is a lot more bizarre than thinking things should require you to put some time into them to achieve. It's a role playing game, that means you put in effort to improve your character. Otherwise it's just a cartoon.

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    Even though I wouldn't like it, the people who only do LFR would appreciate it, each bag give some kind of coin, when you've collected 10 of them you get a special bonus roll that will give a piece of loot that you do not already have.

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    Multiple choice. Keeping in mind this is a loot reward, offer a few choices:

    A. A significant amount of gold. Upwards of 100 added on to what a 'losing' roll would provide.
    B. A gear reward
    C. Other good ideas like rep token for a significant amount of rep above what a 'losing' roll would provide or additional valor.

    Assuming your loot roll qualifies you for something pick one, tack on the valor and call it a day.
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    flask/pot/food based on spec/role. not that random crap from bag in dungon. how my supose to use a spirit thing anyway? dont even have heals spec

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    Make them A bit like the call to arms bags maybe, minus the mounts.

    Give a a chance for crafting mats, leathers, ores, cloths ect, potions, pets, chance at random bits of armor from previous tier, rep tokens, more gold, lesser charms. Anything is better than the 30g you get now.
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    Well, first off I'd remove the flat-out insulting "You Won!" when you in fact are "winning" a bag of gold when the only reason anyone ever uses the bonus rolls is for loot. No, we didn't win. And we're not stupid enough to think gold=winning. Thanks.
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    Just make them never drop gold.
    It's the monotony of loot bags that makes them so boring. Having it always drop a stack of ore/herbs/cloth/leather/motes/enchanting mats, along with a chance of potions, flasks, food, pets, mounts, valour, justice, honour etc. would be fantastic.

    Opening Blingtron presents is way more exciting than loot bags, and 90% of the time all he drops is vendor trash. But it's the variety of flavour items and the chance of something cool that makes his presents fun. Raid bags really need the same thing going on.

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    I just wish they dropped at least 100g, every time. If I get 15 gold sacks in a day of pounding out LFRs, I better be making some kind of profit off of it after the repair bills.

    Quote Originally Posted by Firebert View Post
    Rep tokens.
    For whom? There's no reputation tied to current gear, anymore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    For whom? There's no reputation tied to current gear, anymore.
    For whoever you have closest to Exalted for ALL reputations.
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    I do Flex/LFRs, not for the gear, but for the harmony in dem bags... Seriously, getting into a flex that can go 14/14 is the best way to get spirits now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moounter View Post
    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    You can pick any number of organs so long as it's not sexually explicit. I honestly don't even notice avatars most of the time because I'm actually reading instead of looking at the pretty pictures.
    Does not that violate their rules tho? Kinda seem it would...

    I think its a retarded rule.... you can show a torn out bloody heart but if you would happen to see some breasts (for example) you will get banned... Sounds like american made up rules, where the moral is in serious flux O.o and where logic does not exist.
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    First up is bags of gold. It has a physiological point to why it is there while personally I hate them as I often have bag space issues and it just causes clutter when it was originally coming from gold dropped from the boss. I would rather have the bag being given only when you get an item. The duplicates suck while at the same time RNG is RNG and is a source of shards for enchanters. What could be done is give duplicates a chance to give a nicer non-gear reward that already drops in bags. The LFR loot system in my mind highlights the innate problems from high anonymity random group systems that offer rewards and trying to adapt them to content originally designed for social groups.

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    New NPC: 'Black Market Associate'.
    Every boss you kill for the first time, doesn't matter the difficulty, drops a token for that boss loot. Getting token from higher difficulty, unlocks every lower difficulty. For example, killing Garrosh on normal unlocks Garrosh loot on LFR/Flex/Normal, but not for Heroic.
    Instead of gold drop, if you don't win a piece of loot, you get a fragment. The fragments can be combined into a token. You need boss per tier number of fragments to combine into a token. So for SoO you would need 14 SoO fragments to combine into SoO token.
    When you have a token, you go to a 'Black Market Associate' and you get a random piece of loot from the boss you select.
    You need to have boss killed and it's loot unlocked.
    Tokens only work for specific difficulty: LFR for LFR, Flex for Flex, Normal for Normal, Heroic for Heroic.

    After you gamble, you get two options to choose from:
    The item or the disenchant material.

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    I'd do nothing;

    It's something we wouldn't have gotten before. It's literally free gold for /nothing/.

    Seriously; Last expansion we got absolutely nothing at all. Now we're getting free gold and motes.
    If you seriously want more than that; Entitlement at it's finest. We don't need jack squat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by melak View Post
    I dont care having to watch a bloody heart when im trying to read/write on a mmo forum O.o
    I also dont consider it fun, entertaining or amusing in any kind of way, more like disturbing, disgusting. But im pretty sure il get banned/infracted if i pick another organ as avatar... Hypocrisy comes to my mind...
    Being considerably off-topic comes to my mind. So let's go back to talking about loot before you're infracted for that.

    You can use MMO-C's ignore function if you wish or contact a mod or admin if you think it will help. We watch avatars and signatures closely and this one has been around for a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwert View Post
    I'd do nothing;

    It's something we wouldn't have gotten before. It's literally free gold for /nothing/.

    Seriously; Last expansion we got absolutely nothing at all. Now we're getting free gold and motes.
    If you seriously want more than that; Entitlement at it's finest. We don't need jack squat.
    It doesn't hurt to improve it I mean really everyone has their streaks of bad luck.

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    We can have only 3 per week. So I say make it 100% item drop chance per roll.
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    remove personal loot.

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    Add collections of parts you use to build mounts, companion pets etc. Let's say a 100 for a mount, 50 for a pet, and you get only one part per drop, so there's longevity.
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    I don't think they need to be changed at all, you already get tons of gold, motes and the occasional piece of gear.. Why should professions be made redundant so you feel "incentive" to run LFR? The only incentive for LFR is gear if you need it.

    Tanks and Heals already have the extra CTA bags to help with queues. DPS don't need added incentives.

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