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    A bag with random gold content 25 - 10000 that we can seel in AH

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferris View Post
    something id like but will never happen is:
    -small chance at old world mounts
    -small chance at some good transmod stuff
    It could ppl to do several raids modes more frequently, and maybe making lfr better?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snorkles View Post
    You either have a chance to get an item or a 'token'. After you've collected X amount of tokens you can purchase 1 guaranteed random item for your spec from a special raid specific vendor. The item could be from any boss in the Raid.

    RNG in your RNG!
    So basically replace VP with a token... Just bring back VP purchasing even of tier gears and we are done with this month long gold loot.

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