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  • Add chance to recieve Heroic/Normal Items.

    33 21.02%
  • Add Warforged Seals

    29 18.47%
  • Add Noodle Carts, and other big raid-foodbuffs.

    8 5.10%
  • Add Misc Legendary Items(very low)

    3 1.91%
  • Add Valor Point Badges(Useable after the 1000 Valor Cap)

    18 11.46%
  • Increase Gold-Drop by 10 Times.

    30 19.11%
  • Add Misc Titles.

    3 1.91%
  • Add Misc World Drops, especially from MoP.

    12 7.64%
  • Add PvP Gear, newest season.

    9 5.73%
  • Add a new item, allowing you to reset your LFR save, and do it all over again.

    12 7.64%
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    If LFR had better drop chance for better players then it will be better place

    Why get better when you can get the same thing by afking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemol View Post
    (Point is to get "Carriers" back)
    not happening

    i used to make quite a bit of money completing lfr on multiple characters. but i dont want to do a long ass legendary questline so i can be competitive when i play an alt. and players in LFR piss me off because they are so bad. i've spent all the money ive made from lfr in the first year of the expansion choosing not to play with them because it irritates me that i can do 300k dps in lfr but these people can't even pull close to 100k with an item level of 500, and my dps alone isn't enough.

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    All of those ideas are retarded, especially the first one.

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    The only way i see being able to make LFR worth doing is by rewarding players that perform vs players that are just auto attacking the boss. Before someone says something...yes you CAN tell who is performing in LFR versus those who are slacking and act like pieces of shit expecting to be carried through the content.

    When one healer is at 170k hps and the other healers are under 50k hps, the healer carrying everyone should receive a bonus % to their loot roll. When there are 4 dps over 160k dps and the rest of the dps are barely breaking 50k dps the 4 dps that are actually performing should receive a bonus % to their chance of loot.

    DPS and Healers who stand around and do nothing, afk, receive NO chance at loot. Thats right. ZERO. let the qq begin.

    That is literally the only way to make LFRs more attractive because 1) it will make people want to try harder to get loot 2) it will in some cases make afking pointless because you won't get loot for being lazy, 3) it will make people learn their class abilities and whatever BASIC rotations in order to be useful and 4) it encourages people actually attempt to beat the bosses legit and not wait for 7 stacks of determination. (#1 SSB Gold run on Bleeding Hollow)
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    Far too much has been lost or gutted just to make LFR attractive in the first place. Personally it is the game play experience that needs to be changed. Its current format places a lot of stress on a few players which makes it unattractive for such players. LFR is supposed to be easy and convenient for all, not stressful and frustrating for a few.

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    Get loot while absolutely not doing much effort? No none of the above.

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    Need's to become performance based. They would need to come up with a system that checks your gear and the numbers you are pulling which in turn increases your chance at loot. Although if they were to do that I'd probably go in to heal on my main just to out heal everyone (mmm mastery bubbles) just so they couldn't get loot!

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    lfr as it is it and jsut do flex and let lfr implode on its self
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpheus View Post
    People doing below 200k dps? Ain't nobody got time for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by smartazjb0y View Post
    Why? Why should content be gated behind skill?
    14/14h and finally done

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemanaleft View Post
    giving heroic loot to LFR raiders? what in the actual fuck
    Would that be so surprising? You already get legendaries from LFR

    - - - Updated - - -

    You forgot the "remove bad players from LFR" option. Not that it's ever going to happen, since the whole mode was created to cater to them (before someone gets offended, I specifically said bad players, as opposed to casuals).

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    Quote Originally Posted by honj90 View Post
    Would that be so surprising? You already get legendaries from LFR

    - - - Updated - - -

    You forgot the "remove bad players from LFR" option. Not that it's ever going to happen, since the whole mode was created to cater to them (before someone gets offended, I specifically said bad players, as opposed to casuals).
    Wrong. It isn't targeted at bad players or casual players. It is targeted at people who have never raided before and would never without lfr. This has even been said by blizzard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    The only problem with that is blind people can't play. And yes blind people play wow. This was an issue when they removed it from BGs.

    ROFL this is your excuse not to remove /follow?? That has got to be the best argument I've ever seen /end sarcasm.

    I can't believe, you actually pulled the "blind people" card.....

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    LFR is fine
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    The only fix LFR needs is complete removal. Flex is what LFR should have been.
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    Sorry I'm canadian.

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    Not exactly a way to attract people to LFR but this might help in a way. Make it so that bosses only award loot if the player has 60-70% activity time on the boss, meaning not afking or be carried.

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    How are people still taking this thread seriously?

    How NOT to fix LFR


    It is a jooooke

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    NO! for gods sake NO!

    The problem with LFR is that too many people are feeling shohorned into LFR because LFR is the intended path after HC's.

    Problem is LFR is monotonous, long and not terribly exciting.

    The way to make LFR better would be to make it shorter (but not easier) or involve the players more (more stuff to do, movement, changing targets, interrupts)

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    Remove ALL loot (trash included) and durability loss from LFR, and that way returning it to its initial purpose - letting everyone see raids.

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    Basically all of this except for noodle carts and gold makes it mandatory for everyone which is a terrible idea.

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    Add chance to recieve Heroic/Normal Items: This whould be beyond retarded, and it whould force highend guilds to do lfr, a difficulty they greatly outgear and outskill, a difficulty not intended for them.

    Add Warforged Seals: Same as the above, if heroic progression guilds have to do lfr then the system is wrong.

    Add Noodle Carts, and other big raid-foodbuffs. This whould be fine, but i doubt it whould make lfr more attractive.

    Add Misc Legendary Items(very low) arent lfr already dropping secrets/runestones?

    Add Valor Point Badges(Useable after the 1000 Valor Cap) So ppl that do lfr can farm vp beyond the vp cap but hardcore heroicraiders cant? make sence... not.

    Increase Gold-Drop by 10 Times. Gold is rediculusly easy to farm nowdays, doubt it will attract many ppl to lfr.

    Add Misc Titles. Could work.. <name>, the LFR-Raider.

    Add Misc World Drops, especially from MoP. Dont you already get motes in the bags?

    Add PvP Gear, newest season. So pvpers will feel forced to do pve to get pvpgear? And pve,ers will get to them useless pvpgear? again makes no sence.

    Add a new item, allowing you to reset your LFR save, and do it all over again. Yo,dawg i heard u didnt find lfr attractive, so we made an lfr you can do twiice?!

    Tl;dr none of ur options whould make lfr attractive to any1, the problem with lfr isnt the rewards, its the players you meet there.

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    The best way to fix LFR is to delete it and just have Flex + Normal/Heroic. GG

    Back in my day, we killed bosses 400 times a day...uphill both the snow...and we fucking liked it. In related news, I hear that uninstalling WoW completely from your hard drive and then reinstalling it resets your RNG numbers. -septor

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