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    What Inn is your Favorite?

    Out of all of the inns on Azeroth, which is your favorite?

    Personally, my favorite is Lion's Pride, and it always will be. Great music, nice RP (Not talking about Moonguard's RP, which is illegitimate), and great place to idle.

    Your thoughts?

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    I really liked The Filthy Animal Inn.

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    The one in Shattrah where Tauren Chieftains play at 12 midnight everynight.

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    The one in Menethil harbor. I called it home till the population finally got low enough that I could hearth into IF without my computer printing off suicide notes.

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    I really like the one in Howling Fjord, I think its the Valgarde Inn

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    the fawcett inn

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    The one in booty bay. Feels cozy
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    Kharanos every time!

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    I like the one is Darkshire, got a nice safe vibe from an otherwise dangerous place
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    The inn in Loch Modan the area outside it looks sooo nice.
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    I like some of the inns in Northrend especially. The one in Howling Fjord for example. The cold and harsh climate makes you wanna warm yourself at the fire in those inns.

    As far as I know there aren't any inns with a terrace. That would be nice to have, just viewing the surroundings. All ins do feel a bit enclosed as you can't see through the windows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manicwrath View Post
    Kharanos every time!
    Yea, God I love that inn
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    The Inn at Honor Hold, Old Southshore and Booty Bay. Those always felt warm and full of life.

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    There is this tent in Hinterlands with some guts in various stages of rot on the tables and tiny abomination trying to be as helpfull as he can.

    Five fucking stars.
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    Can't help but notice pretty all the answers on this thread are Alliance... Most Horde inns feel boring to be honest.

    I'd say my favorite is Booty Bay, but I have a soft spot for Menethil too. I loved that place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seahnjin View Post
    Can't help but notice pretty all the answers on this thread are Alliance... Most Horde inns feel boring to be honest.

    I'd say my favorite is Booty Bay, but I have a soft spot for Menethil too. I loved that place.
    Can't be helped, i am too busy saving the world :P

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    The one in Old Stratholme, it's nice and roomy, shame it's not used as the Lion's Pride inn because it's so overcrowded on my realm.
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    Brill, just Brill.

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    2nd floor one in 2moons. I always like something that isn't on the ground floor irl and in games. Not sure why. Just do.
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    Even though I am barely alliance anymore, I always liked the human inns like the one in goldshire. They are surprisingly proportional for an MMO game where usually buildings have extremely large rooms and extremely tall ceilings.

    I also like the blood elf broth.. uhm inns.

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