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    Spam bots

    Why are so many popping up the past couple days.

    Normally I don't ever see them. Today alone I have reported at least 2-3 threads while having seen at least 2 more.

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    My guess? The same "controller" just launched a bunch of new ones at MMO-C is on their target list. They'll ban them all soon enough and in a few days they'll dwindle.

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    i remember a few years ago there was loads around here, always linking to this same chinese shopping site, like 10 times a day. not sure why they've popped back up.
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    A thread about how hard it is being a white dude is not really a reasonable topic.
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    You are assuming Cybran actually reads the articles he links.
    I suspect he is actually some Soviet algorithm gone rogue, transmitting from some forgotten bunker, responding to keywords by googling them and adding "+bad" to the search query, and then just copy/pasting anything it comes across.

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    We're aware of the issue.

    In the mean time, just keep reporting them so we can get rid of them as soon as possible.

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