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    What do you look like if transmog didn't exist?

    Lets say this feature never ever came out what do you look like? Some of you have tier soooo It's not exactly mind changing right there but I've seen so much worst haha anyway I mostly have my tier so it doesn't look too bad.

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    Like a derp hunter with shitty themed gear.
    Thank the orbiting teapot for transmog.

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    I look like a terribad DK with mismatched everything gear. Thankfully T10 25N set solves that problem :P
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    If Forgettable knew what he was doing with his keyboard, I would totally kick his ass in dps!
    ^ My guild leader while drunk.

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    I'd look like everybody else, of course!
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    Like a warlock. Everything a warlock wears is awesome so I'm not complaining.
    Hell I don't even use transmog most of the time.
    "Facts", brought to you by Jaylock.
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    Its not a matter of opinion when FACTS back up the fact that this is one of the best expansions they have ever created.

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    Gruesome War PVP armor, its actually pretty great since I am undead now, really fits the undead atheistic. Weapon is a bit fugly.
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    Left is with transmog, right is without transmog. Obviously.

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