View Poll Results: What's your favourite new feature added in Mists of Pandaria?

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  • Challenge Mode Dungeons

    9 7.14%
  • Scenarios

    7 5.56%
  • Heroic Scenarios

    3 2.38%
  • Solo Scenarios

    8 6.35%
  • Flexible Raids

    46 36.51%
  • Pet Battles

    21 16.67%
  • Solo Arena (Brawlers Guild)

    15 11.90%
  • New Dynamic Events (Battlefield Barrens, Timeless Isle)

    17 13.49%
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    Question What's your favourite new feature added in Mists of Pandaria?

    My vote goes on Flexible Raids. I don't really have time to raid on normal/heroic difficulty, LFR is too easy and always half of the people are AFK which is very frustrating so flex raiding is the best feature added through the whole MoP.

    What's your favourite new feature added in Mists of Pandaria?

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    pet battles/ collecting ...have over 537 unique pets and 50+ level 25's :P

    Haven't done flex yet as currently have 535-567 ilevel thanks to luck drops from ordos so not really worth the time invested to get maybe 1 or 2 ilevel higher

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    Pet Battles, with Flex being second.

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    pet battles and monks!

    i actually have not tried flex yet, but i like the sound of it!
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    Pet Battles FTW

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    Made the un-subscribe button more likely to be pressed... huehuehue.

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    honorary mention to scenarios too, they should replace dungeons while leveling, but not at 90.
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    Flex is probably the only good thing added in this expansion.
    And it's squeezing all the air out of this goddamn cave I live in.

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    You should add Farming to the list

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    Missing the account-wide stuff, which is my favourite.
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    Mine is cross-realm world, definitely a great feature.

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    Scarab Lord
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    Pet Battles!

    Now they just need to make PvP pet battles meaningful and keep reducing RNG

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    Pet Battles would be the clear winner, with Solo Scenarios being second.

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    Definitely going to go with pet battles, with cross realm being a close second.

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    I went with Pet-battles. It's weird because I feel like I haven't tried several of the "big" things that have come with this expansion. Never done a Challenge Mode or Heroic Scenarios. I'm probably good enough to do these, I just haven't done them. I get the appeal of something harder, and it sounds right up my alley, but I don't know that many skilled players on my server who I could do it with. I guess oQueue would work, or

    Scenarios are fine, and I enjoy them slightly for what they are. I really hope the next expansion focus more on dungeons though. Scenarios are fine as a compliment to dungeons, but I feel like there's almost more scenarios than dungeons in MoP. They will never replace dungeons for that great feeling of a small group killing stuff, but they are still nice little features.

    Timeless Isle is another thing I guess I like, but I don't get the appeal that much either. I go there once or twice during a week, only for the valor really. Especially that one day when you can get 250-375 valor (depending on if you have the buff or not), but apart from that I wouldn't go there. The gear you can buy is kinda crap, the gear that drops is only good for a freshly dinged 90 who haven't stepped into ToT LFR yet, and as far as the rep-grind, it's just pretty awful. I see myself going back at 95, 100 or 110 to grind up to exalted, but as it is now, that farm is just awful. Some people spend days camping Huolon for a reskinned Cloud Serpent that really doesn't look that different from the other black one. Some people kill all the rares to collect some achievement-points. I do that casually, but would get horribly bored if I spent days there.

    So Pet-battles wins it for me. I'm still pretty newbish at it, in fact I only have 3 pets at level 25 (which is my current team, and the team I've had all the way), and I enjoy doing pet-battles on the side while waiting for LFR to pop. Brawlers is another thing I'm really enjoying. Have only gotten to rank 5 or so, this is not due to me failing, but I just haven't spent much time there. Would love to spend more time, maybe when there's not many people online, so I could requeue fast and just go over and over again.

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    Flexible raids. It's what LFR should've been in the first place.

    On a very close and shared second, all the things that can be done solo. The game really needs more things to do at max level besides raiding.

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    Blizzard restored my faith in them with ToT and SoO. I thought they lost their touch after DS.

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    For me probably Scenarios. I love doing them with a few friends, had a lot of fun with the Heroic ones (which actually were not that easy) and the few solo ones we have are also great. I hope Blizzard will do many more of them in the future, also during leveling content. My wish would be to have Scenarios as leveling group content, dungeons as max level group content and Heroic Scenarios and heroic dungeons as hard max level pre made group content.

    While I also enjoy pet battles I think it's still a bit too tedious at the moment to level them from the start. Maybe a bit more varity or just a few more pet battle tamers to add something in the low level zones. Once you start hitting Northrend you have several zones within the same level range (well, you do have that in the low level zones too, but they are scattered througout the whole world).

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    Personally, i love to pvp...i've always been on a pve server (due to friends bringing me to the game years ago) and the timeless isle on its first week was a blast! Now i have a 90 hunter on Kil'Jaeden that i finally started to gear and timeless isle is even better there...cant beat activating the censor and pew pew'ing anything red! plus those kites that cost 1000 timeless coins are just too fun for a good chase when you're not an engineer

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    Wow, so many people voting for Pet Battles? I find them really boring tbh...was fun for 1-2 days but thats it.

    My vote went for Flex Raids... great addition that lets you equip your alt without doing the mindfuck that is LFR. Also it feels again like in wotlk where you could go search for raids even on mid-and low pop servers. Having 4 different parts is also great.

    Followed by Heroic Scenarios... fun way to farm VPs and good mechanic for storytelling. I hope there will be more of them in the future.

    My ranking would be:
    1. Flexraids
    2. Heroic Scenarios
    3. Dynamic Events
    4. Brawlers Guild

    1. Challenge Modes (Somehow the comunity didnt like them, i liked them a lot! Unfortunately Blizzard didnt put any more effort into them... but i would love new CMs in the new Xpac AND maybe we will see Challenge Mode Raids?! CM Raids would be a way to make old instances interesting again... think about doing Ulduar with downgraded 239 Gear again and with a timer)
    2. Pet Battles (They are ok but nothing more)

    Solo Scenarios... boring as hell, please tell story through quests and dungeons.
    Normal Scenarios... boring.

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