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    I play as Blood Elf. That said, I do have human, draenei and tauren alts all ready to depart on the adventure of their lifetimes one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenaide View Post
    I just thought it would be funny and interresting to see what race you guys are currently rocking your Paladin with.

    Class: Paladin
    Race: Awesome
    Faction: Horde
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    Human. Bonus spirit for Holy, bonus expertise for Prot and Ret, and a CC breaker and diplomacy bonus for all three.

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    Faction swapped recently (again) -

    My paladin started off as BE female, then BE Male, then Human Female, back to BE male, then to tauren male, and recently to dwarf male - hoping it sticks this time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamindra View Post
    Started of as a male BE, cata hit and i wanted to be a tauren (male). MOP female BE then female tauren and now it seems like female BE is the final answer :'D so mine had some kind of a identity crisis

    Female BE remains until Blizz find some weird lore for goblin paladin!
    Mine's been through that cycle (minus female cow) more than once...NO SHAME.
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    Cow, bigger is better

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    Blood elf and human.

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    human for some time i was belf as horde

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    had a choice of human or short arse. so picked human.

    got a 65 ish horde alt that I stared for double agent achieve, but going t bin it and replace it with a belt on a connected realm when the boa mail gets sorted

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    My old main from wotlk was a female human, but she's still stuck at 80.

    Currently I'm leveling up a female draenei, to use as my main in WoD.
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    I play a Blood Elf, but DAMN I would roll Goblin PLD in a heartbeat. Or even Orc. >.>
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    Dwarf Female. Through sheer coincidence, a RL buddy of mine was Dwarf Male Pally. He rolled prot. I rolled holy. They made the cutest ingame couple once we realized how things had worked out.

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    Try to guess.

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    I have a lore question about paladins and races...

    Why can't Worgen be paladins? If humans can be paladins, and worgen are essentially "cursed" humans, it makes sense that they could be paladins.

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    Probably just some bullshit about the curse overcoming them too much to channel the light as Holy Warriors, yet they can channel it fine if they're concentrating on it as a Priest, don't think theres an official reason for it.

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    My pally is a human.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xs View Post
    Probably just some bullshit about the curse overcoming them too much to channel the light as Holy Warriors, yet they can channel it fine if they're concentrating on it as a Priest, don't think theres an official reason for it.
    Or maybe it's just that the Silver Hand doesn't accept them, since they are "corrupted" and all that. That organisation is hardly a charity, and can be very elitist

    On topic? A Blood Elf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fiddlesnarf View Post
    Try to guess.
    How did your blood elf grow a beard that thick?

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    I play a male draenei. I love how the armor looks on them.

    Then again most of my characters are draenei.
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    Human. Draenei I think of more as priests, Dwarves more as Warriors. Extending the lore for Belfs and Tauren is a neat idea, culturally though its a maybe, belfs more than Tauren.

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