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    Female Troll New Model?

    According to MMO Media, it is the jungle troll councilor model. But can it possibly be used for female troll new model?

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    You can expect it to look similar I can imagine.

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    I hope so

    mmmm those thighs

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    I like it, looks good.

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    looks kinda... disproportional... her toes are as big as her arms >.>
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunareste View Post
    I hope so

    mmmm those thighs
    Those thighs indeed... mmmm...

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    With a few extra updates, most Poly-Count / Resolution I'd be happy to see that become the new Troll Female Model.

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    Sigh.. will people keep asking the very same question over and over again?

    No, it isn't. Because the new troll female model will use a new skeleton, new model and new textures. This one just has more polygons and new textures (model for armor and mohawk and all)

    And because the player models will be used more than once in a raid (rather, every quest npc and player), you can also expect the textures to look more crisp, with more attention to detail.

    So no, this isn't the new female Troll model the same way the Zandalari models and Vol'jin aren't the new Troll male models.
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