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    Would you like a refined Wintergrasp type PvP zone in next expansion?

    So Cata gave us that horrid island and MoP had nothing like it but I remember some of my best memories of WoW PvP happened in Wintergrasp. I agree, when it came out, there were tons of problems like causing the entire server to lag and servers with faction imbalance had major issues but now Blizzard has shared realms to hopefully fix that.
    Wintergrasp was just an amazing concept that blizz gave up on because just like almost everything in cata their version of cata wintergrasp also sucked. I still think Wintergrasp was a great addition and that Blizz should do zones along the same lines.

    One of my my fondest memory of WoW PvP is a particular fight of wintergrasp, where my team lost! The game was so intense, we had lead changing every few minutes, everyone gave it their best and at the end, we had almost 100-200 odd people fighting it out in the main courtyard. The beauty of Wintergrasp was that it attracted PvP and PvE players alike and encouraged them to work together. I want to write more about that particular game but it's one of those things that you just have to be there to experience it.

    But like most good ideas blizz have, this idea was also abandoned under a pile of excuses. Primetime wintergrasp was a heavily contested zone on almost every server with a reasonable faction balance and I do not think this concept should be abandoned. For one, Wintergrasp made me join my first ever arena team because a PvP guy I was in raid with liked how I played and said, I should get more resil and join his team. Wintergrasp actually kinda sorta bridged the divide between PvP and PvE crowds.

    Now that realm merge is going live, I think the next expansion should bring back a battle ground like Wintergrasp which encourages massive 200 people battles and offers cool rewards as well.

    How do you feel about wintergrasp and having a refined version of it in the next expac? Why or why not? Feel free to share your awesome wtg moments!
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    I too enjoyed WG a lot! I support this.

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    Yes, if...

    1. It has a completely destructible and captureable town/fort.
    2. Interesting story which intertwined with the PvP
    3. It's own dungeon and armor sets.

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    It can be fun at times, but only if it's not realm-only, else it's gonna be horrible and unbalanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falu View Post
    It can be fun at times, but only if it's not realm-only, else it's gonna be horrible and unbalanced.
    Just for god's sake not in the middle of continent like it was with Wg...

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    Yes. Anything pvp that is on a big messy scale I welcome.

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    Yes! WG was the height of fun for me in WoW.

    Tol Barad was just not the same. And screw the system for getting into it. WG's making the disadvantaged team super strong was just fine. Of course, with CRZ that old issue could be mitigated or completely fixed.

    I want big siege warfare battles for both PvP and PvE.

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    Definitely not Wintergrasp, that sucked balls. A modern Alterac Valley on the other hand...
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    Oh god yes. But not like that tol barad shit. Something that requires attention, planning, tactics...
    Exactly like wintergrasp. Jesus how I loved wg at the beginning, where you were making raids and organising. Wonderful.
    Don't know why they gave up in mop.

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    I wish they would rework, AV & WG those 2 are my favorite BGs.

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    I thought WG was fun. Tol Barad just didn't have the same attraction though. Also liked having the VoA and BH raids tied to the currently triumphant faction. Taking our guild to win WG so that we could access VoA was a blast.

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    WG, flaws and all, was a lot of fun. X-Realm etc should make it even better for imbalanced servers, I really do hope to see something similiar return.
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    no. it was stupid gating a raid boss behind pvp as a feeble attempt to convert pve players.

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    I would like a wsg kind of bg, but i rather have an open world pvp thing.
    Like a zone that you can conquer, and you get plenty of pvp rewards to keep players coming there instead of having no pvp at all just like krassang wilds =p
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    Yes, yes and more yes.

    Despite the often crippling server load, player-made groups -- formed through Trade chat, idling and goofing around the decorative siege engine -- captured the essence of PvP that queue BGs have never been able to. It was an event; a happening.

    The actual battle was a pinnacle in grand army-style PvP. Players could assume several roles, offense or defense, and be just as effective in or out of vehicles.

    Limited access to the Vault of Archavon meant players could plan around an easy, social gear-up fight instead of the open-ended nature of world bosses that has tended to limit opportunities this expansion instead of increase them.

    Finally, Wintergrasp was the perfect resource-contention zone thanks to its monumental scale. Flying was actually appropriate instead of an opt-out from interaction.

    Tol Barad, as far as I'm concerned, was the result of dwindling development time -- so I'm confident Blizzard is well aware what the formula for success is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    no. it was stupid gating a raid boss behind pvp as a feeble attempt to convert pve players.
    What you deem as an 'attempt to convert' is actually a reward to ensure high participation in a bg that required high player numbers to be interesting.
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    Yes. I am seriously missing this in MoP. Both WG and TB had their downsides but overall they were very interesting and had a al of content "in them". Just make sure some cross-realm tech is there to help unbalanced realms.
    My addons:
    Announce Interrupts: Announces in chat when you interrupt a spell.
    Tol Barad Reminder: Reminds you to queue for Tol Barad by printing a message when the battle is approaching.
    EasyLogger: Turns on /combatlog inside raid instances, and off outside.
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    I also liked having abundant high level resources scattered in WG. Made for many an entertaining mining circuit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    no. it was stupid gating a raid boss behind pvp as a feeble attempt to convert pve players.
    I knew a lot of people who never did WG, yet ported in for the WG boss pugs.

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    It was a loooot more fun than the Cataclysm version, and with the added mechanic to make sure that both teams are fairly even in terms of numbers it became even better. To top that off I really enjoy the whole, defend the keep kind of stuff, especially when it's out in the world and not in a battleground. So yeah, I would love to see a new version of it in the next expansion.

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