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    get some snacks, probably a take out and some drinks! blizzcon is on quite late EU time so its a good time to sit down with dinner and snacks!
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    Honestly I havn't decided yet, I wanna watch it on a big screen. but may just watch on my monitor it already big anough so it not a big deal either one i pick.

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    Same way I did last Blizzcon.... DirecTV Virtual Ticket Combo... Will watch the main stage stuff on my 73" HDTV on DirecTV, and the side panel stuff that isn't on DirecTV on Laptop From the couch, All while posting on MMO-C..
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    Quote Originally Posted by aalaylia View Post
    Every other Blizzcon we've just trawled through the front pages of MMOC, but this year we thought we'd have a lot more fun actually watching all the announcements unfold ourselves. The opening ceremony starts at 4am my time, so my husband and I plan to wake up in the dark and stealth around the house putting on some hash browns and bunkering down in the office with plenty of iced coffee and danishes for early breakfast. Hopefully we can watch the whole opening announcement ceremony uninterrupted before our 4yo wakes up at the crack of dawn.
    That sounds lovely and cosy Hope you have a good time before the wee one awakes (not that you won't have a nice time after your kids awake ofc lol) Iced coffee and danishes sound lovely though

    Blizzcon starts at around 7pm here for us, so will mostly be beer, chips and dip for the hubby, latte and some Galaxy Minstrels for me, with a Chinese Meal somewhere in between

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    Aswell s ordering a Chinese takeout and having snacks, I'm going to try and get my friend to watch it with me over skype, he's never seen a blizzcon before, but he's a big blizzard fan. I think it'll be fun to watch it with someone and discuss it with them since discussing anything on these forums during blizzcon is impossible.

    either way I'll just be being a slob that weekend!
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    I'm going to watch one of the dozen streamers who will have it on instead of being silly and forking out money on something I will read about here anyway

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    I'll watch it on Twitch or some other outlet for free like most people do every year... Dont want to throw 40 bucks to the cash cow.

    If I recall, expansion announcement is on pretty early, like afternoon on the west coast.
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    I will watch it in my living room where is my desktop computer. It will be like watching TV. Since we don't know anything about the expansion, I will do many "oooohh" and "aaaah" the moment they plug the new expansion's cinematic. Don't think I will eating something (maybe drinking a cola).

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